War Robots development roadmap. Summer 2017

What is coming up in War Robots this summer? Let’s put it simple: we’re currently preparing some big updates. Like, really big. 

We’ll share more info on some of these very soon, so it might be a good idea to keep coming back to for news. For your convenience we included dates of when new info will arrive — these milestones should give you better idea on what to expect.


New robots: Beasts from the East

In short: three new robots. Extremely mobile ones

When: July-August

See an artwork above this article? That’s one of our three upcoming robots. We were working on these for quite a while (with your help!) and will spend few more months polishing them up. These are very special, as they have a very specific role to fulfill.

Many claim that with the prominence of slow bulky robots and some particular builds War Robots keeps turning into a slugfest. So here comes a weapon to surpass Ancilot designed to outperform the raw power with skill and mobility.

These beasts can avoid any fire with relatively short, yet quick side-dashes. Of course they have to pay for their agility with lower durability and lack of heavy equipment slots, but in the right hands they might become outright crazy. And also really exciting to watch in action.

More details: Art and origins — June 8th

Gameplay and philosophy — June 15th


New game mode: Beacon Rush

In short: new mode — for the first time ever

When: July-August

Last weekend on the test server we explored what’ll happen if we get rid of beacons. Many liked it, and we’ll continue our research in this direction… although that doesn’t mean that this is the only gameplay style we’re trying. Another game mode that we’ve been working on for last few months not just preserves, but reinforces the territory control aspect of War Robots.

This is the first time we properly introduce the new game mode, so we keep it relatively safe in terms of changes. Emphasis on relatively — because lesser scope of changes doesn’t mean they won’t bring huge consequences. They might. Sometimes one single tweak is enough to bend game rules in a dramatic way.

The biggest difference between basic game mode and Beacon Rush? In latter you can choose to spawn near a captured beacon instead of basic starting location. What does it mean? Imagine you play on a slow heavy robot without having to spend an eternity reaching the fight anymore. Lighter robots will capture new spawn points for you, paving a way for you to quickly jump into the fray.

Initially, we plan to try this mode in a limited two-week run. If it sticks, we might introduce it on a full-time basis.

More details: Beacon Rush and new combat UI teardown — June 22nd


New combat UI

In short: better looks, more clarity, basis for future improvements

When: July-August

We’re rebuilding the combat interface. Why? Firstly, the new one looks way better. Just take a look at this.

(Don’t mind the absence of HP bars, in final version they’ll be where they’re supposed to be!)

Secondly, there’s even more going on behind the scenes than on the surface: the best thing about the new UI is that it is much more flexible than our previous one, which opens tons of possibilities for future upgrades. We’ll start with adding a convenient battleground map, but there’s much more to come later on.

More details: Beacon Rush and new combat UI teardown — June 22nd


New weapon: Scourge

In short: medium energy weapon for close-mid range combat

When: July


With Dash robots appearing the need for more strong countermeasures arises. Wearing mobile robots down, slowly but surely — this is Scourge’s mission. And if your opponent notices you and turns to fight, you have a trump card: the closer you are to your target, the harder you hit.

Of course we’re not going to limit the counterplay to Dash with Scourge. Lately we’ve been buffing other suppressive fire guns (Molots, Punishers, Gekko and so on) to give them some spotlight on the battlefield.

Also, Tempest. The more options you have, the better.


New weapon: Tempest

In short: heavy long-distance autocannon

When: July


Tempest fills the same niche as Molot and Molot mk2. It is a long range weapon for sustained suppressive fire — but made specifically for heavy equipment slots. If you’ve longed for a proper rapid-fire cannon for your Fury, your time is coming.


Feature: Custom Matches

In short: play with whoever you want however you want

When: August

We haven’t yet locked this feature to any particular update, but at least the aim is to finish and release it for the public before the end of the summer.

Custom matches will open the way for many things: tournaments, training sessions, subscriber games for streamers, clan wars and so on. Also, that sweet sweet power of saying “1 v 1 me scrub” and then actually managing to run a proper 1 on 1 match. Or 3 on 3. Or anything you’d like to try. Gonna be fun.


What else?

In July update we are going to make kinetic weapons deal more damage to physical shields. How much more? “Twice as much” would be a good estimate. We were thinking about giving Molots, Punishers, Tempest, Kang Dae and others their own identity other than “well, they shoot bullets”. Turning them into reliable armor busters seems like a fine direction to pick.  

Zeus damage bug fix is set for June update. That’s big for some people, and seems like we finally got to the root of the problem.

And lastly, we aim to finish our next map, Valley, before the end of the summer.



Feel free to tell us what you think — we want to hear your opinion on certain updates as soon as possible. This helps a lot. For example, we pushed our next pack of robots to a test server when they were extremely early in development. That allowed us to keep iterating on them having a constant stream of feedback from test server players. That was a neat experiment, and now we’re eager to see how it’ll turn out. 

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  • omsirut bob

    So far everyone is suiting up gecko + trebuchet and just hanging back damaging everyone on the field. So much fun getting zapped from across the map, it’s like a laser light show at Pink Floyd.

  • Allan Chen

    I think you should test and put new weapons on the live server, looking at the new content u put out it’s constantly maps and robots. For example, maps like PowerPlant, moon map. And robots like the 3 Camelot robots, 3 Wild West robots, the 3 dash robots, and now you try to create another 3 new robots. We should get some new weapons, I know you’re testing certain weapons, but no new weapons are added to the live server.

  • Talha Javed

    I think bullet types should be introduced to gun weapons.
    Like we normally have simple bullets(yellow projectiles), dealing little damage to physical and energy shields. There should be
    1- Armour piercing bullets(Red-orange projectiles) to suroass ECU and inbuilt physical shields
    2- Pulse/Energy bullets(Blue projectiles) to surpass energy shields
    And yes, there should be gold/silver price for bullet a bullet pack per matches

  • kwahhn

    Any plans to add saved hanger configurations in the future? In other words: sometimes I like to have a work horse hanger. Other times I just want to play fun bots. Or maybe a beacon capture hanger with only speed bots. With the current set up I’m constantly having to swap out robots, unequip weapons, change the robots again and reselect weapons each time I get a “battle mood change”.

    As a suggestion maybe give the first two saved hangers for free and have each additional cost a specified amount of silver/gold.

  • Bubba Love Sponge WR

    Hello, I must stressfully comment that I hope that you do NOT put that cursor in the targeting gui that you showed in the video above. It blocks want I will be shooting at and makes the game much less real. I need to see the enemy to enjoy what I am fighting in the game. With that blue targeting cursor I feel like I am behind a veil. It’s too confusing and much less enjoyable. Much like those signs you removed on Dead City because so many people complained about them. Same will happen here those blue targeting crosses will make game more convoluted and much less enjoyable. PLEASE do NOT add them. Thanks for your consideration. – Bubba Love WR

  • Rvn Raco

    go back to WoT xD


    I am very disappointed, in that I do not see anything to improve game play performance and fixing the constant connection issue. I am mentioned this in the past but seems like nothing is being done about gameplay performance. These issues should be at the top of the list before new robots, new weapons, new maps. If people cannot play the game then everything else does not matter.

    This game uses a lot of CPU power to the point that it heats my phone up so much that I can only play about 3 matches consecutively. I get a lot of lag from other robots jumping across the map. Also I get consent connection issues with your game, in that is pauses my robot right when I am fighting, and then the enemy shoots me easily because am not moving, or I completely loose connection telling so I have to go back to the hanger. I have tried different
    internet connections in many different places with the same issue. I have even played PC games on the same connection with no issues, but with your games connection issues. I have other friends that have complained about the same issues and have stopped playing and will not come back until it is fixed. When I first started playing this game over a year ago, the game play frame rate was smooth and very little connection issues, now it is very bad.

  • Free turk

    Too many changes so very quickly. This reshapes the game, it is not correct towards players who worked a lot to update robots/weapons. And yes, the new targeting with these many strings looks horrible. Punisher and molot buff will produce even more campers. These changes sound pretty scary to me.

  • Robb Mccollum

    I’m curious about damage to non shielded bots with beefing up everything up, bots like leo are gonna basically be obsolete, imo. I like leo but seems he is becoming the loser of the bunch. 🤔

  • Bubba Love Sponge WR

    Hello, I must stressfully comment that I hope that you do NOT put that blue/red cursor in the targeting gui that you showed in the video above. It blocks what I will be shooting at and makes the game much less real. I need to see the enemy to enjoy what I am fighting in the game. With that blue targeting cursor I feel like I am behind a veil. It’s too confusing and much less enjoyable. Much like those signs you removed on Dead City because so many people complained about them. Same will happen here those blue/red targeting crosses will make game more convoluted and much less enjoyable. PLEASE do NOT add them. Thanks for your consideration. – Bubba Love WR

  • joshua nguyen

    i was thinking the same. It also blocked the view of identify what weapon enemies are carrying

  • Joseph

    They’re talking about the dash bots dude…

  • Felipe Rojas

    Well, the two new weapons are pretty uneven in terms of looks, scourge looks like the new pinata, pin, tulumbas, gekko: Futuristic, whilst tempest looks like old school stuff like punisher, molot, nashhorn. So looks like two different game’s weapons

  • Josh Erickson

    Its probably your phone. I live in alaska and i never get the “connection issues”. Not once have i been disconnected. I see people cry about this all the time but its not an issue for anyone in my clan or my self. Maybe a new phone or tablet is in order?

  • Hectrix Looi

    please fix the aphid rocket.. a lot of time enemy or my teammate shooting the aphid rocket any wall but my hp or enemy still hurt and can’t saw the aphid rocket come from where.. Please fix the bug..

  • Josh Erickson

    Its their game, i dont understand why people cry about the changes. You choose to play it, if you dont like it move on. Easy

  • Josh Erickson

    I like the new look. Please add it asap!

  • Josh Erickson

    I like that the weps look so different.

  • Josh Erickson

    Im digging all the changes! Keep rocking it!

  • Mike Hill

    I really think the future UI should incorporate a reload button so you dont have to spend time burning your mag just so you can be prepared for the next fight. Thank you in advance if you like the idea.

  • Mike Hill

    Bro that might be your phone i rareley have any of that

  • Mike Hill

    Bonuses for highest damage, beacons and kills would also be nice. Even if you dont win. Could be gold WP Silver or even league points.

  • Bagofsoup

    Thanks for sharing all this. I have been loving the detailed notes on each monthly game update, as well as these kinds of future looks. You all just answered a ton of people’s biggest questions in just that one article.

    Also, I know this is a Russian game, but kudos to those writing up these articles. They are fun and engaging and have quirky humor that definitely comes from a native Englishness speaker with a fun online personality who also seems like they know game development and discussion too.

    In other words, great job and thanks a lot!

  • SuperNova

    We just hope that just like fixing Zues problem, you won’t forget about taran get they’re pretty much having the same bug. “Keep on missing the target”
    And of course thank you for communication with your players and letting us know what your planning for OUR game.

  • Free turk

    If people put money into the game, it is not OK to change it significantly. Even from a legal point of view, from this point, it is not as simple to change the game, it’s a breach of contract. Thus, if you pay for it, it is not “their” game, but yours too. And also, if you put work into something, you don’t do it for nothing, right? Levellng up weapons takes a lot of time and effort, and now you suggest these players to leave the game. This does not sound too rational.

  • Free turk

    It took them 2-3- months untill they reacted to Intel chipsets, and most of Asus users also had an extreme lag back in December 2016.

  • Hunter H. Rudd

    Please reconsider the double-damage-to-shields thinking. That makes no sense. The whole point of splash weapons is that they bypass shields. Encourage users that don’t like physical shields to invest in those weapons rather than just weaken the bots we have already purchased! If we pay money for a product, it seems counter-productive to encourage your audience to know that they will inevitably be made less valuable over time because of the narrow-minded emphasis you are placing on lower-tier weapons like Molots, Punishers and Kang Dae’s. Seriously, someone from business development must be telling you this. I get that lower-level players complain but the salve to what ails them is to get a job and pay up for the weapons that work… or wait and earn it by sweat equity in the game.

  • Jay

    This is, of course, complete nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I understand it can be frustrating. But there is no “contract” that states that any game is unable to change aspects of their game. Otherwise, they’d also be in “breach of contract” when they release new bots or weapons. I don’t know where this false but pernicious perception comes from, but it’s false.

  • Matthew Camlis

    It would be nice to see a bot that’s special attack would be to drop anciles temporarily or to have a weapon that does it like an em pulse; but doesn’t damage the bot, but temporarily drops the ancile it would add to the playing difficulty. Because people wouldn’t be able to aimlessly wonder with the dash bots or ancilots… I’m only suggesting because game play is gonna be one sided yet again when dash bots are introduced… you’re probably going to set a ridiculous price, which means it will be like when ancilots came out and half didn’t have them and just got raped by the ones who did.

  • Mike Hill

    Love your vids bro. Keep on keepin on.

  • Mike Hill

    I some what agree. But im sure even with the buffs a punisher griff cant go toe to tow with a punisher thunder lance.

  • Mike Hill

    I have also noticed tribuchets hitting a target out in the open and do no damage

  • Caleb McIntosh

    Well, just keep in mind that Taran has its limits as far as range.

  • JonEByrd

    I’d still like to see the use of workshop points for weapon ‘merging’ and modifying; I guess its just to much programming envolved, but still, War Robots version 4.0 perhaps? That, and in edition to the “beacon-rush” adding an RTS element similar to Rebellion Game’s ‘Ground Crontrol’ where you airdrop tanks and artillery at command of the squad leader to do some dirty work for ya; that would be AWESOME. Lastly, there’s a feature known as random map featured in a lot of popular games like X-Com; at the cost of a few hundred megabytes, Pixonic could open a whole new world of dynamic multiplayer battles with a fully destructible environment. I would love a reply from pixonic about this; cause I’d love those changes made, tell me “there’s a chance”

  • Esmaeil Khezrpanah

    My iPhone 6s plus going slow down during a play war robots and I think that is the biggest problem of this game. I hope you fix this problem as soon as other ways you going to lose a lot of player.

  • Benjamin Gandhi-Shepard

    Awesome! Great work!

  • Mike Hill

    Lots of great info so far pix but could you also put out the currency of the new bot and weapons so we know what to save? We would really appreciated it. Thank you

  • Alvin Lee

    Seriously. CONTROLLER SUPPORT PLEASE. The android version already has the bot getting stuck moving backwards all the time and with controller support it would be more comfortable for us to squeeze the life out of the controller instead of tapping our thumbs to death on the cold hard screen.

  • Rio Alex Aditiyono

    Ok, so you’re planning to underpowered the Ancilot which is by far the most expensive bot in the game and also it’s Ancile, and you also plan to make a shield buster weapons which is mostly owned by Gold Bots. You’re gonna make a lot of your paying customer angry because of these. All of the Gold bots and weapons are suppose to be a lot more superior or else why should we save our Gold or even purchase it with real money if the Gold bots and weapons are no better than the silver one? Why should we fight to get Gold or even v cheats if not for having a Lancelot, Galahad, Gareth, Fury with Zeus and Orkan so we can perform much better than the rest of silver bots and weapons player? Your plan will ruin the game and the purpose of selling Gold bots and weapons. I’ll be extremely disappointed if you’re doing these, I’ve paid almost $1.000 for this game and invested hundreds of hours just to get those Gold bots and weapons. Gold items should have number 1 feature, power, endurance, speed, etc, Workshop should have the second and Silver should be last, since you don’t have to give so much effort to buy it

  • jay p

    He’s right. Up close, it blocks the view of… Tulumbas or orkans, for instance. A lot of us play it on our phones, and small screens, and that reticle system takes up more viewing space.

  • Ronn Carlo Padilla Arbolado

    How about live chats or command in game? Like saying them to captured beacons or cover them. It will be a big help specially in commanding each of your team.

  • budi yanto

    cuz u damn stupid
    only noob will spend so much money in this game.

  • budi yanto

    so u spend $1.000 to bully the pilot that dont spend a single penny on this game, now its their time to bully you back and you are not satisfied of being overpower back? f**k off..

  • Rio Alex Aditiyono

    I agree to that, what good is a shield if it can be easily destroyed? Why should anybody play for hours to get gold and save them for a month just to get a Galahad so they can have a better protected bot if now it can be easily defeated by a cheap silver weapons? Some of use have paid with real money to get those expensive gold shielded bots. Gold items are suppose to be way more powerful than a silver or WSP items, it’s like a reward for playing this game constantly.

  • Xel Heidrich

    Dont worry, just dont play anymore this game.. U spend $1000? Its your choice not freeplayers.

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    Okay that’s nice but please fix the issues with people crashing first please.

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford

    It’s the people like you that ruin this game.

  • Rio Alex Aditiyono

    Hell yea, it’s because people like me that cheap people like you can still play this stupid game for free

  • Eli173

    I like the idea of the UI over haul but the new crosshairs look massive, cant even see what youre shooting at in the clip.

    A quick unequip all weapons button for your main hanger and bots in storage, it would be helpful and less painful going through each bot.

  • Freemen Albulushi

    Very cool
    Do there any chance for new robots

  • Jeff Rogers

    Game Mode: Defend and Conquer
    – Aggressors are attacking a military base.
    – They must destroy 5 Prototype Robots.
    -Prototype Robots are hidden in Hangers.
    -There are 7 Hangers and Prototype Robots are placed Randomly at start of game.
    -There are 4 Gates into the Compound and Agressors Spawn/ Respawn Randomly outside the gates.
    -Defenders must protect All Prototype Robots from being destroyed.

    Victories would be;
    – Major; All Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended
    – Partial; 4 Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended
    – Minor; 3 Prototypes Destroyed/ Defended

  • Rastko Petrovic

    I wonder what is the cost going to be for the new bots and weapons?

  • Daniel Wallberg

    Dont make so this low tier silver weapons can easy destroy shields, please dont.

  • Mike Yry

    We need a world chat or batle chat!

  • Mike Yry


  • Supersteverino

    What sense does it make to have a flimsy metal shield stop the kinetic force of a Nashorn or Kang Dae projectile? Those weapons have been marginalized by the shield bots, so it’s high time this error of physics is corrected.

    Come to think of it, why in heck does a metal shield block the effect of a Zeus? Pretty sure metal conducts electricity…

  • Rio Alex Aditiyono

    Try to use Discord on Google Play, but that only apply to clanmates, not when solo

  • Danny Jackson

    No blue target reticle PLEASE!! Cant see

  • Rastko Petrovic

    please remove that blue circle…I want to see who I am shooting at.

  • Dominic Claveau

    You still haven’t figured out that in order to make new money, Pixonic needs to slowly introduce changes that will make the new weapons and bots desirable? Like, you seriously thought that Pixo would stop with the Ancilot and go : “Well, ok, that will be the ultimate bot and now, we will just hope those who don’t have it will pay actual money to get one.” ?

    Most players that are willing to spend money to get Ancilot have already done so by now. If the new bots and weapons are subpar compared to what’s already on the field, how will Pixo earn anything?

  • SuperNova

    350m of course i know that xD .. I used to run 2 plazma rhinos before the camelot bots but now only one plazma galahad and still misses 20% of his shots.

  • Jacob Carignan

    Gotta need a chat, and and see the life of yur “friend” during the battle… WE NEED IT !

  • John Palermo (JackKnife45)

    Loving what’s coming down the pipe. Crazy idea here but how about a kinetic charging/reload buff for heavy long range weapons? This charge/reload buff based on movement would encourage (not force) campers to move around instead of sitting in one place for the whole match.

  • 300SpartansNeeded

    Overall a good summer. Good job.

  • Yeshwanth Sura

    Remove old map which has less rating, and add new one like a triangle , where two teams at two edges of triangle and beacons at remaining edge

  • Mukundhan Santhanam

    Please make all the weapons cost silver…. Or at least not gold. ALSO REMOVE THAT BLUE RETICULE ITS BLOCKING THE ENEMY AND HIS WEAPONS.

  • konradical

    Any word on the sweet Noricum buff I’ve been seeing in dev videos?

  • Tmoney Shot

    But the thing is, once they make something else op you and the other players like you will plunk down cash to fill your hanger with it and max it out day of release, so you only have yourself to blame. Instead, if you focus on playing with skill and not just running a hanger of whatever is op at the time, you wouldn’t have this problem.
    Having played this game for over 2 years I own every bot and weapon there is. I’ve spent a few dollars at the beginning, but I can win with any bot. Since the ridiculous buff to the Ancile, I purposely do not run an Ancilot because it is overpowered and is a lame way to win. But as long as stupid players spend hundreds of dollars buying and maxing out hangers full of whatever is op at the time, Pixonic will keep running a ‘flavor of the month’ and exploiting your stupidity and lack of ability to win with skill and not just because you have whatever is op at the time.

  • matthew yan

    I agree the new look fits the theme of the game and i also believe that is should be implemented ASAP.

  • Allan Chen
  • RAGE

    I agree with Scott Sendra. It would be great to see new/improved bots, weapons, maps, chat and game-play modes to make WR fun again. However, I would hope that addressing current in-game issues takes priority over new content. Out of the 8 solo matches I’ve played so far today, 3 of them ended for me with the game freezing shortly after starting or midway thru the match. (No ‘report’ screen after 2.9 update). During matches, movement and firing controls stop working for a few seconds…sometimes several times during a match. This usually happens just as the red guy comes into weapons range…wrecked. These are daily and very frustrating occurrences that I’ve reported multiple times in the last couple months. I play on a tablet that’s less than 6 months old, latest version of Android, no other apps running and very fast home wireless internet connection. Closing game, clearing cache and restarting game is a constant chore. In short…FIX what’s broken!

    To quote a clan mate’s thoughts about this article…”as far as the updates…if there’s anyone left playing this game by summer…”

    On a positive note…thank you Pixonic for communicating with WR players.

  • Dominic Claveau

    People used to deal with these snipers with a Rhino. Could still work, I think.

  • rockhead911

    Buffing weapons and bots that don’t cost anything while nerfing gold and WSP weaps and bots is insane.
    Many of us have spent thousands of hours playing the game, accumulating gold and WSP, purchasing bots and weaps and then upgrading as quickly as possible to remain competitive only to see silver bots and weaps buffed.
    My Geps are basically useless, the Aphids are almost useless in Gold League and above. Rogata is still frail.
    Now you buff silver weaps to intentionally bust shields on bots that cost gold and nerf the Ancile shields?
    Here’s an idea…fix the damn MM or revert back to the old one with a fix for the terrifying (evidentially) Mag-Geps.
    Quit catering to the Noobs who will spend actual money to buy a hangar and hyperspeed upgrades at the expense of all of us who have been playing for a couple of years and have earned our place.

  • Allan Chen
  • Allan Chen
  • Bagofsoup

    Fantastic read, well written, with exciting things coming up, as well as a general timetable as to when we might expect them. In short, awesome. Thanks!

  • Franklin E Rosales

    I agree that all improvements or changes need to be made with small screen phone players in mind. For example I have enjoyed this game on a iPhone 4S, but I am missing out on benefits that could make me a better player. I get envy when I watch YouTube videos and the guys in the videos says “oh there is a trident fury back there” or that’s a RDB Griffin coming at me” cause I can’t distinguish what bot is coming at me much less what weapons he has unless he fires them, I only see it when I am chin to chin with them. So please keep that in mind for the future, like others have stated that blue reticle covers the target not good. Regards.

  • Moses Luz

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was team earned level perks…just like call of duty…radar jam…maybe artillery strikes and nuke launches?

  • Илья Андроид

    Лансов можно выбрасывать. Жаль. Мне кажется в конечном итоге будут одни Даши. Не хотелось бы имбы в игре

  • Denis Slough

    Wow, all sounds very exciting. My only reservation, at this point, is the new sight. Could it not be translucent? Currently it seems it will block vision to target bot. I don’t want to shoot a sight. I want to shoot a bot.
    Looking forward to the changes. Well done Pixonic.

  • Ryan

    And what about workshop points? Yeah you release new content but for what type of currency? Did you abandon the WSP currency? Are these dash bots and new weapons your so boasting about so much going to be for gold? You talk about balancing well why not balance how you release content for silver, gold, work shop points, and event currency. Count how many bots you have in gold and silver oh wait you have more gold and silver bots than bots purchase in workshop points. When was the last time you release content in workshop points. Many players have thousands of work shop points saved up for what? I understand you release content in gold purchases because your greeedy but I already have enough tarans, rhinos, stalkers, trebs, trids, carnage, fujin, raijin whatever is available in workshop points. And its useless to have workshop if you don’t any content release for workshop points. I feel sorry for so many players who patiently saved up workshop points (by the thousands) knowing this greedy company releases content in gold purchases. Its a shame if you continue this greedy path.

  • Jeff Rogers

    I think something else that would be interedting and helpful, is a way to track actual in game weapon damage. i.e., I run a Leo with lvl8 Zeus and lvl 12 molot x3. It would be useful to know exactly which weapon is preforming best. Also, it would be a way of tracking which bot in your hanger is doing the most actual damage per battle.

  • omsirut bob

    I was using rhino, unfortunately when you have 3 guys doing this, you can’t face all of them straight on. Trying to charge at them only gets you killed from the sides, because they’re so far away.

    Looks like everyone backed off doing this for some reason.

  • omsirut bob

    Please fix this little lip on Springfield, it’s right near the dam beacon. If you’re walking on the elevated walkway that parallels the dam, when you get to the end of it there’s a small lip that runs perpendicular to the dam that stops you in your tracks. Attached is a pic of said location, thank you.

  • Matt Kinney

    It’s gonna be awesome!

  • Al Beacon

    1- New GUI: change is good, but please don’t make the cross-air as on the video. The grey lozange (with lines around) right in the middle is clearly hiding things quite a lot and we basically can not distinguish anything behind it (what kind of bot) from far away;

    2- Kinetic weapons buff against physical shields: please DON’T do that. They are now quite stronger than they use to be since the last buff and increased rate of fire;

    3- Why are you done doing everything you can to counter Lancelots?

    Along with Fury, Lancelot is the most expensive bot to acquire at 5000 gold. So don’t you think that it is normal that people use and wish to use them and that they do have advantages over other bots?

    Is it normal that a Galahad’s shield is thougher than the Lancelot? That an Ancilot (Ancile + Tarans) will loose against a plasma Galahad which has similar firepower (although Magnum have no reload time)? Where’s the logic here: the Lanclot is slower, less agile and weaker than a bot which is half the price?

    Zeus and Trebuchet are already much stronger against Lancelot’s shield than an they used to be (weren’t they supposed to be ineffective against physical shields in fact?), you plan to increase kinetic weapons, add a new heavy one, bring in dash bots to counter them and WHAT ELSE ?!?

    Will there be any reason left to use them at all?

    Is it your way to get people needlessly spend gold?

    Common Pixonic!, stop listening to people complaining about this bot and stop the nonsense anti-Lancelot conspiracy!

  • Al Beacon

    I actually like that feature..
    It’s there and visible, so people have to deal with it and walk around it. Part of the learning process (spot the noobs) and I’d rather Pixonic try to fix other giltches like my Rhino getting stuck for no obvious reason at many other places/maps instead…

  • Al Beacon

    Not just crashing but freezing up and not even dropping in.

    How fun is it to see those 0 0 0 on scoreboards and having uneven # of players?

  • Justyn Gengarkun Durnford


  • Allan Chen
  • Allan Chen

    You replied to wrong comment

  • Allan Chen

    I seriously am wondering if you created the account ” matthew yan” just so it seems like someone is agreeing with you lol.

  • Allan Chen

    It is normal for galahad’s shield to be stronger than galahad for the sake of balance.

  • Allan Chen

    I think that’s really on the player to have a device that’s big enough and one that can handle the graphics.

  • Allan Chen

    That will NEVER happen lol

  • Allan Chen

    If you’re gonna continue playing this game, get use to this happen a lot.

  • Olen Siagian

    I wonder if you can make rainforest themed map or a temple themed map, that looks like Angkor Wat in Thailand, Prambanan and Ubud Monkey Forest in Indonesia, or even better, combined. Ancient temple in rainforest. Something like the ape temple in Jungle Book. That would be extremely cool. I mean, all maps are concrete-metal forests. Maybe Ancient Temple in the middle of a jungle can spark new color to the map variations. Love your work. Big fan.

  • Olen Siagian

    I wonder if you can make rainforest themed map or a temple themed map, that looks like Angkor Wat in Thailand, Prambanan and Ubud Monkey Forest in Indonesia, or even better, combined. Ancient temple in rainforest. Something like the ape temple in Jungle Book. That would be extremely cool. I mean, all maps are concrete-metal forests. Maybe Ancient Temple in the middle of a jungle can spark new color to the map variations. Love your work. Big fan.

  • Josh Erickson

    It could happen.

  • Jeff Rogers

    How about a Swamp/ Marsh map? Water/ Mud areas could slow movement. Submerged Bots would have “light” cover. And picture a Griffin leaping out of the water…… Rambo style.

  • Jeff Rogers

    That’s war. Every time a new weapon emerges, someone will work out a counter. Look for shields to be stronger at some point. Or angled shields to deflect to the sides. Something. Things evolve.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Like the idea. Placement would be very important. Can you imagine hitting it by accident during a battle?

  • Jeff Rogers

    Would like it see controllers too.

  • El Trujos

    I’m very disappointed.
    Why you have not updated the Noricum.
    It is the perfect weapon against all types of campers (short, medium and long distance)
    And in addition to this, you have increased by 15% the damage of the Orkan, ORKANS !!!

  • Olen Siagian

    Sounds cool. That would be really terrifying. Griffin leaping out of the swamp. Heart attack.

  • Just the Tip

    I hope you change the beacons to switch color much faster on Beacon rush. Or a 10s timer on respawning. There’d be nothing worse that killing a bot defending a beacon, only to have him to respawn in front of you in the perfect counter to your bot, before you can capture the beacon.

  • omsirut bob

    Any bot will get stuck, it’s the fact that there’s nothing there. If there was like a pole or some sort of object, then I wouldn’t care.

  • Stevie

    I think everything sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to get dash bots!!

  • Nabeel Mahdi

    How about designing a light/medium thunders,but of course lower damage than the heavy thunder

  • Danilo Mitrovic

    i like the idea of beacon rush, since it would make assignment of beacon liberation/capturing easier and someone who is not so much in fighting style can play to its own content.

    The new UI, well battleground map is pretty basic by the design, and i wondered (at first) where it was. But after specific time playing, i im coming to belive that battleground map is not necessary. This way of playing is to be honest quite edgy, seeing the direction your enemy was but seeing distance only if the player is in front is quite mysterious. It makes me play smart not relying on the map too much.
    EX: If i need to capture beacon and i have Natasha on 600 i know i will not make it, but if it is on 740 and i might if i went slowly. This kind of game play is quite refreshing , so i would advise against battleground map.

    Scourge, so energy Thunder ? I feel that maybe you are not giving precedence to the right solution to the guns and their power. It is wrong to think power is everything. In war there is innovative choice and solution to that innovative choice ( A-bomb, bunkers for protection of A-bombs ) So if we think about assault / protection module i think the guns solution would better behave if this is the case : bullet based weapons / Ecu field, missiles / Shields ( Gareth, Lancelot, Rhino… ) , Plasma and energy / Ancile. In that mannor you will not have overpowered robots, (death button Rhino for example, or plasma griffin ) which on sufficient level can destroy anything quickly. You will have different constitution for different response. There fore you can have Lancelot version of bot with thunders that will be used for charging forward but it must have backup on the back. Do anyone think it would be better like this ?

    Custom matches, i am sorry but i don’t see this succeeding if you don’t change composition of the map, exceptionally for 1 on 1, people will get lost on new maps and there is always possibility of just giving damage and running indefinitely where if both players have jumpers and they time it right it is just … awefull. If there is supposed to be 1 on 1 the map diameter should not be greater than 600, for 3 on 3 not greater than 900, for 5 on 5 it can range from 600 to 1200/1800. I could maybe draft some plans for further explanation if needed. Where also it would be needed to calculate the nominal speed, so for example that light robot can reach the center in 3 seconds , medium in 5 and heavy in 6, it is generally time consuming to reach from birthing space to the end of the map if the strengths of the teams are mismatched, it is just lost 5-10 seconds or how many does it take.

    As problem for campers, the solution seems easy to me, the bot under attack must be able to run away, not hide, run away and focus on closer out of bonds combat. In that way , the suppressed bots will be still able to function, and heavy long range robots will have to adjust to new target ( which will run ) or change position. After a while when campers don’t get any points ( since everyone is running ) the camping position will become reserved for sniping kind of maps.

    About guidance system, first i would suggest that maps on several levels should be committed since guidance don’t recognize floors, and locking / unlocking takes to much time. To generate 6d guiding system ( 3 coordinate systems on 2 floors ) instead of 1 d ( only distance) i guess that this kind of implementation would crash with current mechanics of the game. I mean dont get me wrong, i would like to play in map with infinite floors or 3 +, but currently it is not possible unless there is gap in distance between enemy bots.

    Also, i don’t know what happened, but magnums lost a lot in strength. With Leo and 3 magnums + Thunder i can not kill griffin on 50% of HP on 300 m distance. I shoot and shoot and it just gets slowly down. I had to blast 4 rounds to kill it when its health bar was at null.

    Also , i get that sometimes original basis architecture for the game can not take anymore of changing and implementation. So please when that happens, i would be happy to move to new (free) game of your design in similar fashion.

  • Ario Purbo Kusumodirdjo

    How about to Report for player leaving in battle?

  • Marc Anjeh

    It’s early days guaranteed it will be smaller and easier to make out
    pixonic are one company who listen to their fans I have full confidence

  • Normy Haddad

    I would like to see a campaign style gamemode where you fight progressively harder squads and earn better rewards along the way. That would be fun

  • Karl Jackson

    Can you please consider adding a damage bar for physical shields? Just like the anticle bar except a different color such as Grey or OD green.

  • Babymd Face

    I hope they make one were the robots on the beach, for this summer👌

  • Solid Snake

    I agree, beacon spawning is a bad idea and can be abused.

  • Babymd Face

    In beach balls in stuff😂

  • Anthony Jacobs

    A survival mode would be sweet!👍🏾

  • War robots Lovers

    Well what about some friendly battle between the members of the same clan.

  • Kokohut

    How about getting android to be able to play with ipod

  • Kokohut

    How about getting android to be able to play with ipod ?

  • Jason Hong

    Pls hold the focused top menu after seeing the profile of someone in the champions league. I want to see their profile continually but I have to touch top menu again everytime.

  • Pilotstar83

    Is there any plans for adding 6th slot to the hanger?

  • Michael

    Love your game asf and Id just like to have things to stride towards such as new robots

  • Rama Raditya

    It is 2017, how about enabling team voice chat? That technology is public knowledge now

  • Richard Thomas Still Jr.

    High right seems to be a natural position.

  • Richard Thomas Still Jr.

    Same here. If your getting lag and disconnected its your device or internet.

  • Richard Thomas Still Jr.

    Not a bad idea. Many games implement this and battlefield is one of them. As long as the restrictions are right it’s fair game.

  • Zohaib Khan

    Hi the new updates sounds good and i wana ask you a question about the new weapons how we can buy it with gold or silver? If its from the gold please don’t do it. It should be from silver because we can buy it and use it easily

  • Zohaib Khan

    And please remove the blue square or circle what ever you called it…

  • Mjk Wolf

    Just asking would the fury get any light or medium wepons on the side of the robot???

  • Alex Wood

    I wouldn’t mind the new cursor, but if you left out the blue thing in the middle, it would make things way easier for us. The blue thing in the middle will probably cause a lot more harm than good and also cover up most of the awesome animations in the game as well as what these other guys said.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Seems possible with thier custom mode.

  • John Dorobiala

    I personally would love to see the current league system go away. Its absolutely useless. It has not accimolished your intent of makeing people go for becaons. I still get huge loseing streaks where i take 4 and 5 beacone kill 5 to 9 enemies while I have 3 or more team mates who get zero. I would like to see a league system that promotes alliance vs alliance, that makes way more sense. That is my biggest complaint and my solution. This is a team based game, anything that promotes team tactics works especially with no in game communication in pug matches.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Like the friendly health bar idea.

  • Jeff Rogers


  • Benjamin Casiano Hernandez

    I love using the kang dae so im exiteded for that up graded

  • Butrint Fejzullahu

    As a suggestion maybe give the first two saved hangers for free and have each additional cost a specified amount of silver/gold.
    9 999

  • Jaymes

    Why can’t the players allow to play Beacon Mode and No Beacon Mode? This will shut up the players. This opportunity will bring more money to the game obviously.

  • Markus Witt

    Here’s the issue with your summer ideas.
    1. With faster lighter bots with only light to med slots your going to have aphids and orkans ruling the field 2shotting people from around a corner with little to no ability to respond unless they run the same thing.
    2. Several weapons even at level 12 do horrible damage “hydra” to point one out. But some that require sustained fire will be irrelevant. There are others that need a twik as well.
    Mark my words there will be aphids.

  • Mohd safa

    Before you make all those changes, just fix one thing, when you go to buy silver, you need only just one press (even mistakenly) , and your gold is gone, this morning I was watching the prices of silver , (mistakenly) pressed one of them and my gold have gone, please pixonic keep an eye on this…….

  • Jåh Trìñí Böí Jqrröd

    Hey there I’d just like to say that you still haven’t mentioned anything about proper match making for eg. I get place in battles with people who have level 10-11 weapons whereas i have 1 level 9 thunder and also i get into battle with people who have way better stuff than me eg. Orkans, lancelots , furys , ect. So I’d just like if you could possibly fix the match making system because everyone (except level 12 players) is complaining about the matching system so plase take this into consideration

  • Nick Garcia

    reduce weapon/bots upgrade time please..thanks!

  • Steven Williams

    I think more robot sounds would be nice…since they are robots and there is no robot sounds/voices.
    Like example…in robotic voices…
    When locking on to target…Say “Aquiring target”
    Then name the robot once aquired example.Say “Aquired target :Galahad”
    Could even give analysis like Say “medium robot defensive physical shield detected”.
    When you kill a target Say “Target destroyed”
    When taking damage say “Taking Damage”
    When Hp below 15% Say Systems Critical”
    When capturing a beacon Say “Initializing beacon” …Beacon Captured”.
    When team lost a beacon System Voice for all team Says “The Enemy has captured “beacon name “B”
    This might also help remind some of those people “Yes you know who you are” that walk past uncaptured beacons and dont take them.
    Just a few ideas…im sure you can come up with more voices it would make the game feel way more robot like and add more dimension and feel to playing.

  • Eben Smith

    I personally don’t like the new fire button in the UI. It’s only an aesthetic, but I think there should be an option for a limited customizable UI. I also have so me problems with turning and shooting at the same time, I keep on running out of space and having to take my finger off a reset. This is annoying because when I’m running a punisher bot it hurts. (Maybe using the gyroscopes on some phones to help turn?) And yes, I have turned my sensitivity up. Love the game!

  • Eben Smith

    Excuse my utter noobness, but can you run this on Steam, cause if in the future that was set up (Way future), those of us with good PCs and a Steam Link and/or Steam Controller.

  • Eben Smith

    Sounds interesting

  • Dušan Cormac

    Maybe you should delete Gold money and everything could cost only Silver money….because everything for Gold is soo expensive and there are many hackers and its unfair…so we would appreciate it very much….VERY MUCH

  • joseph mathis

    I don’t mind the new sight reticle as long as you have an option to adjust opacity everything will be fine.

  • joseph mathis

    Also if you’re running Griffin’s with tarans and Magnums you suck

  • Russell K

    The updates especially the new bots, weapons, and map will really boost this game.
    However the most important element for my clan is the regular game freezes.
    15 mins trying to co ordinate a squad and we all crash 30 sec into the game…
    Great FX at the cost of playability is NOT a feature that improves the player base.
    I Want to play this game for a long time but it is being “improved” without useability maintained.

  • sproesch

    I am excited for some of the new changes mentioned but regarding the UI, it would be great for a Chat upgrade, quite plainly it sucks and I feel it deters people from chatting, therefore limiting clan/squad interaction. Lastly, it would be nice and I feel an easy add, if we could view our own team members health. Seeing someone’s health fall could rally troops to their position to assist.

  • Rio Alex Aditiyono

    Dear Pixo, your game concept of team player is a disaster. First of all if you want to make a shooting game like Counter Strike then why do you need a beacon for? Second, you never had a tutorial for the new player about what the game is all about. You don’t give them example on how to keep the blue bar from dropping and how to make the red bar drop faster, if this game is all about keeping blue bar from depleting or shorter than the red bar when the time has run out, then you should teach them and show them how to do it and how it works. Many players not even realizing why they loose even after playing the game for more than a month. So forget your team player concept if you won’t even care to make a tutorial at the start of the game, because no one will ever realize how important the beacon is.

    There’s no distinct rules about the beacon, you only wrote ‘Capture and hold the beacons’ as number one rule for victory condition. You never mention about the blue and red bar is the one that really counts, you never mention the relation between the beacons and the bars, that’s making lots of player confused if they think they have captured lots of beacons and still loose the match, at the end they won’t care for the beacon anymore since in their mind ‘capturing the beacon’ doesn’t guarantee that your team would win. At least change the word from ‘Capture and hold the beacons’ to ‘Keep the blue bar longer than the red bar by holding 3 or more beacons at once and hold it longer than the enemies’. If players don’t even know how the system works then you can forget about team player on solo game, because most of the player would stay on trigger happy mode.

    If you don’t want to make a tutorial then you should consider making 2 game modes, deathmatch for solo and beacons for clan player. Consider to remove the beacons for solo match, you can’t make a team from a bunch of strangers that has no tools for communication. You can also try to reduce the number from 6 on 6 to 3 on 3 or even 2 on 2, so when there’s a leaver in our team we still have a chance to fight.

    And yes we do need the ability to choose which map that we wan’t to play. Sometimes a player would leave the battle at the start of the match if they realize that his/her current hangar setup are not suitable for the current map. For example if I bring a Fury with triple Trebuchet that means that I would expect to play on the Canyon or Yamantau, but if I ended up in Dead City that Fury will do no good at all, so I might have to leave and find another map.

    The Match Making is a disaster too, I keep having an unfair match. Most of the time I would ended up teaming with a bronze league which only has Destier while me myself is at gold league, and the worst part is I also have to fight against one or even several champion league player which has several maxed out Lancelot in that condition. What’s the point of having a great robots and high lever weapons if your team only have Destier and still don’t know anything about the blue and red bars and you got bullied by several stronger enemies. Why should anybody play a frustrating and hopeless game like that? A game should be enjoyable, fair and can make you happy, not the other way around.

    And if your company income come from selling gold, then make those gold priced robots and weapons more superior than the workshop points and even far more superior then silver. The gold items is there at the highest end to serve as a trophy items for players which can only be bought with hours of hard work and skill or with a real money for those who willing to pay, gold is not that important, what really important is the thing you can buy with it like high end robots and weapons (Lancelot and Zeus for example). Don’t mess with the gold items that many player have bought, don’t drop their stats as this also drop it’s value and make lots of buyer upset and would think twice before they decide to buy another gold items. They bought those items because it’s the best there is in the game.

    And please can you sort the robots in the hangar, I have like 30 robots and there’s no option to sort them out alphabetically and by the highest level . If you have lots of robots in your hangar it would be a pain to scroll and find where is the robot that you would bring along.

  • John Grygorcewicz

    Great to see the new stuff coming. Is it possible to look at adding land mines to the new weapons. So a special weapon that can be placed in the game near beacons to protect them or in the path of enemy bots. You could have a special weapon or use existing weapons to detonate so to clear a path. standard detonation can be proximity trigger or direct contact.

  • Chris Pilgrim

    While playing this game my screen is hard, yes, but far from cold… I would kill for proper controller support. My left thumb is always sore, hard and flat on the side. But great game… been having fun wrecking bots for a few months now.

  • DirtyDuckofDoom

    The double damage kinetic weapons might do to physical shields would not be necessary. The Punisher already shreds through Lance/Galahad/Gareth shields fast enough. Pair that with the rocket buff and the BritBots are looking pretty weak.

  • Kirk Bennett

    Agreed. Armor piercing might be to much with rocket buffs. I run molots currently and am very happy with range and damage. We need to maintain the paper rock scissors aspect as much as possible. Rockets=shields, plasma=ancil, and projectile is for Everything else…. The rate of fire buff was awesome. Please keep the current balance until we get the new dash bots. Thank you.

  • Randy Durnil


  • Pilot jajajacob

    Don’t remove the beacons it makes you more responsible of what you have conquered and hold onto it. And I like the fact that you spawn on where you started, you should be responsible for the line up that you are bringing to battle, you chose these robots coz you know and should know its strengths and set backs.

  • Randy Durnil

    Any plans to add proper support of Bluetooth controllers? It almost works now, maybe it can be improved with new system.
    Also, any plans for in game chat? I noticed a menu on top right. Maybe a chat bar could be added in menu.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • markie

    Implement cheaper au prices for bot slots and bots for sale

  • Terrell Vaughnn

    I like how the GUI looks. I have an idea on how to display team player’s health, instead of a bar, if the player tag can become less bright as the goes that would be nice. Enemy name tags are red while your team’s tags would consist of bright blues to light gray.

  • Terrell Vaughnn

    I always wanted something like that

  • Erick Roberson

    Can we get more gold for clan battles if you battle with the clan leader?

  • Chief MacD

    Is there SERIOUSLY someone else playing this game as old as I am, and has actually been to a Pink Floyd concert?!?!?! WOO HOOOO! Sorry… I hope this is still the “reticle ” discussion. If so, the one on the embedded video clip is HORRENDOUS! I would gladly keep the current one, or give us a selection of reticles ot choose from.

  • Russell K

    This is a basic tutorial on how the players are “conditioned” to standing at the back and taking pot shots for fun. They dont realise what the TEAM objective is, leaving players dropping out early or playing their guts out for nothing. Each round may be 10 mins of your life, keep established players happy and new players included by above tutorial or training.

  • Chief MacD

    HAAAA HAHAHAHA!!! I have the whole “flat thumb”, pain in my hand thing, and it now angled at the tip, but the WORST part is, I have actually given myself NERVE damage because of the screen. It seems as if it may be permanent… the price of fun. CONTROLLER PLEASE!!! I spent 27 years in the Army, 15 of those years as a CCNA IS Security Manager (meaning lotsa touchscreen & controller time), 12 years as a grunt, and I FINALLY have serious injury because of a game… an INCREDIBLE game, but, I mean REALLY! lol

  • Michael Hall

    I love the idea of custom games, but I hope there is ALOT to explore with this. Maybe not in the first patch but over time I’d love to see lots of different strange gamemodes. Also increasing robot speed in a custom game needs to be a thing. And remember that strange test server with all the YouTubers, that must be able to be created by us!

  • W.D Gaster

    Add a new robot that’s named medic and his ability is he can heal nearby robots cool down 20 seconds Medium robot

  • Daniel Santa Cruz

    One game that I’ve always love to play in Call of Duty is Flag. You would grab the opponents flag from their base and you would try to bring it back home before they shoot you down. If they shoot you down the flag stays there until someone picks it up. Your teammates can get it and continue from where you left off. But if your enemy reaches it before you do it automatically shows up back at their base.

    Great thing about this game is it requires teamwork both offense as well as defense in order to get the flag. Game gets very intense.

  • Jermyn Antoine

    I really like this game but I can’t really use my t3 controller because of the button configuration. I would enjoy this game a lot more if I could custom configure my control buttons

  • Duebenevolence

    I like where you guys are going with the updates. Just a few thoughts.

    1. Kinetic weapons definitely do need something to make them more competitive. I do like the idea of destroying physical shields faster but I feel like splash weapons are already in place for physical shields.

    How about instead we split the difference.

    For the long range single shot weapons (nashorn and kang dae) have them do double damage to both physical and energy shields. This fits the flavor of the snipers and makes them more viable.

    For the rapid fire weapons (punishers and molots) have them lower the durability of both types of shields AND bots while under continuous fire. It gives both weapons an edge while also carving out a niche for the punishers, this one seems to get outgunned often. Both will have the same effect but the punishers with their more numerous shots will achieve the durability drop faster than the molots. It not only fits the flavor of the weapons but it will hurt that much more to be under continuous fire and make you second guess taking on bots with these weapons.

    2. The blue reticle is gonna be a problem. If anything make it transparent. It WILL become an issue when you’re targeting enemies and can’t see what you’re shooting.

    3. You should add a bar for physical shield health similar to energy shields. It will change the mindset of both taking on enemies with said shields and the mindset of the player running shields. If you see the enemy shield is down to %10 it will make it more viable to push and on the flip side you might second guess running out into enemy sights if your shields are low.

    4. This is going off topic from the updates but just as a general idea. To help with the detriment of running light and medium bots competing in gold tier or higher it might help to give them something. Maybe give them a more tactical approach.

    Something akin to laying a finite amount of “traps” on the battlefield. Wouldn’t even have to be damage. Could be something like stun for a second or maybe slow down movement within a certain area. All would only last a finite amount of time so as not to clutter up the battlefield and would be used either in retreat or to slow down enemies that are pushing hard.

    Alternately you could have them act as support bots laying down fields ahead of your teams heavy bots to help speed up movement within a certain area.

    All would still retain frailty in combat but they would have an additional use helping out your bugger fighters. Can you imagine a Lancelot closing the gap first with the field layed down by lighter bots and then activating his rush? Or by the same Lancelot on the enemy team being slowed to a crawl for trying to pursue a lighter bot?

  • Daniel Philipson

    Happy to hear the tempest heavy auto cannon is comming , hopefully the tempest has twice as much ammo as the molot auto canon’s (anounying how light & medium auto cannon’s run out of ammo at same time) be good if there was a heavy magnum with a better range eg: 600-700 ,an electric sheld for the “light weapon slot” would be awsome, gekko is still so weak its practically pointless (3-4 gekkos fire a full length pulse and do pretty much nothing) gekko needs to be more like 2x more powerful not just 20% more powerful. ..gekko is by far the coolest weapon, but unfortunately the most useless weapon as well ….

    A drone for the” heavy weapons slot”
    That shoots at what ever you shoot at , drone continues to attack enemy’s after your robot is distroyed & and dosnt stop attacking the enimys until the drone itself is shot down , maybe have it so robot can launch only one drone at a time when weapon is not upgraded then progress to 3-4 drones when weapon is upgraded to level 12 , should be able to choose what “light or medium weapons” we can equip drones with

    As far as visual’s go it would be awsome if some of the weapons , let off small nuclear mushroom clouds apon impact of target

    As for how the game is going so far …love it keep up the good work

  • Adam Adámek

    Už se na to těšim. Hra se zlepšuje jen tak dál.


    For people who can’t get a bunch of gold you guys should just make them cost a couple millions cause other people can’t buy gold making it unfair for us

  • William Thornton

    What about a scenario such as capture the flag? Or your team has to reach a checkpoint near the enemy spawn?

  • Nidal Diab

    What about cross android/iOs gaming, the majority of my friends use ipads and i cannot play with them

  • Will Tarver

    I personally think there should be a zoom option for sniper like weapons. And, I also agree with some of the others here about the blue inner focus reticle taking away from the visual enjoyment. It should be an option for the UI.

  • Alwin Pacheco Camaripano

    The video doesn’t show the lock-on-target button. I pray the gods daily you detach it from the RDB. It’s like having the nuke button with the protective lid open! If I spill my coffee I’d press it by mistake

  • Alwin Pacheco Camaripano

    Maybe some transparency… Remembers me some old F22 Raptor game

  • Michal Grabowski

    How about option that you can choose map where you want to play ?

  • Kameron Boyd

    Will these cost gold, or silver, or wp, cuz even though there are many more weapons that cost silver and wp, almost all of them completely underpower ANY gold weapon(except for the Gekko XX), the only exceptions for this being of course the taran, and the ecc thunder, same goes for the robots, however the gap between the amount of gold robots from the silver and wp robots is getting smaller and smaller with EVERY new robot added. and so we need more silver weapons and robots and even more wp weapons and robots, even if its just a LITTLE more, as long as they overpower, even by a little, or atleast be on par with gold weapons and robots defense, and power wise.

  • Bible’s A Supercomputer

    I’m asuming I should start saving my gold for these new robots cause I spent enough money already.

    It would suck the old bots are no challenge to the new ones comming out..

  • Rio Alex Aditiyono

    Right, poor tutorial make a disaster for the rest of the team. Remember if this game meant to be a team game, not solo against computer. Knowledge is power.

  • Jonathan Grim

    Will shield bots get an HP upgrade to compensate? I’m referring to the bots themselves, not their shields.

  • Royal Northen

    I thing you should add some melee weapons (probably light). It would be nice for the new fast robots because they will be able to outrun the enemy and then they could hit them with a hammer or something. It would be very useful to some people (like me). You already have shields so I think you need swords to go along with it. Thank you and I love your ideas so far! Keep up the good work!

  • Jester Infester

    It seems self evident that certain Bots and builds are better suited to particular map types, e.g., a hangar of support snipers probably won’t be very successful on the Moon map, just as a hangar of heavy brawler Bots will waste more time in transit in Springfield(?) than in battle. One improvement I’d most appreciate is a thirty second or so, to assemble a proper hangar once I learn which map we’ll be playing on. This is not a big deal to incorporate and I know it has been raised before.
    The other improvement that I’m convinced will improve gameplay immeasurable is the ability to communicate with your team or Clan immediately prior to and during the game. It needn’t be in chat format but, choosing a rally point or target to attack with a simple ping seen only by team mates would speak volumes. Even emojis could work, but it’s more complicated. I think a twenty character “tweet” would work best. E.g.: [Lance @ you’re 6]. Who likes them??

  • William Joyner

    I see nothing to fix the very broken matching system. I know that everyone claims to have a solution. The fact is that I have 12 solid years of experience consulting on matters of game balancing mechanics and I have a mutually beneficial solution to the problem. It will not shell shock the player base nor will it cause you a financial loss. In fact you will certainly see a revenue increase of nearly 40%. I have conducted extensive studies into your player’s mind frame and what they collectively have in common (as I know you have too but I believe that you receive large amounts of convoluted feedback). Contact me as soon as possible.

    William C. Joyner Jr.

  • Jester Infester

    Yes, the reticle is horrible and the sizes of the controllers are too. Almost a third (1/3) of the screen is filled with “stuff”. It needs to be cleaned up and simplified. It doesn’t seem as bad in the wide screen format you used to illustrate but, on tablets the format differs. I viewed the new mock-up on an iPhone and then on an iPad Pro and then streamed it onto a flatscreen TV. Couldn’t see the target Bot, what it was or what it was packing. Please consider screen format when planning the layout.on a positive note, the enhanced shadows really grounded the Bots and gave a sense of reality lacking in the previous floater renderings. What I find lacking is a sence of scale. I get no feeling that these Bots are six stories (60 feet?) tall. I can’t tell what buildings are how big anything is and I do architectural renderings for a living. It doesn’t effect game play,but it doesn’t draw me into an immersive world. Either pull back on the camera or render in more accurate scaled details (which are really quite excellent in other ways). Thanks for the chance to speak my mind.

  • Dbcoop

    More damage to pyshical shields is bull crap. Barely sound confident the Zeus bug is fixed smh. What bout the hydrA bug?

  • Jonathan Ocampo

    Hi, I love the game but one thing that prevents me from playing more is that the games can be too long and Idk about you but I don’t always have 10+ minutes to play 1 game. How about creating a team death match mode or free for all? These games would run a lot faster and I feel myself and a lot of other players would probably play more. Also custom button configuration. The individual weapon buttons are too small and are hard too control and shoot individual weapons. If we were able to customize and maybe separate or space out the individual buttons from the main all weapons go button that would be helpful. Also the controls are located on the lower corners of the device. I find myself wanting the controls to be more towards the middle left and right side of the device. Also are bluetooth controls compatible with war robots? I know I have a few more ideas, just can’t think of them at the moment. Anyway I love the game, keep up the good work!!! Thx

  • Radioactive Panda Plays

    YESSSS!!! I e-mailed about a semi-auto or auto cannon for Heavy Hard points! Its a dream finally come true!

  • Jester Infester

    Do it! Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom!

  • Jester Infester

    Sure… if you want to pay $100bucks for it! 😬

  • Jester Infester

    Ah, now that is the real issue here isn’t it? All of theses changes and the entire system is geared to forcing us to spend real cash just to keep up and they know we will do it, its human nature. Be honest, did you actually save for months to acquire that fifth slot or did you fork out the $50-big ones (to house the $50-Bot)?

  • TRG Ultimate

    This looks like its gonna be amazing!!!!

  • Francisco Bentozo

    Additional worker! Not just one not two but it’s three. Upgrading at same time!! Wohoooo…. Is it to much????

  • Rusty Watkins

    Teammate HP bars… please. Would help strategy so much to know how much health a teammate has before deciding to follow them into a foray.

  • Nick King Sr.

    Very true

  • Nick King Sr.

    I would really like voice chat in battle I’m not a fast typer

  • Nick King Sr.

    Yes yes yes

  • Nick King Sr.

    Agree with that more work shop bots and responds

  • William Joyner

    I beg to differ. If you love this game and love that it is free of advertising then the developers must maintain a positive revenue stream. Also and I hate even saying this, you can do just as well with weapons and robots that cost Ag aka silver as you can with premium gear. I have absolutely everything is the game and still use Au bots and weapons.

  • Nick King Sr.

    Too money hungry will never happen

  • Nick King Sr.

    Too much I bet

  • Os Nebulous

    I can’t wait for these new updates I’ll waste my money on this it’s worth it😁😁🤗

  • Phoenix

    The Yamatau map that was added a over a year or so ago is just a firing range for snipers, there just isnt much cover for slow, short ranged tanks to do anything other than get blasted by trebuchets.

  • Supersteverino

    Can buy that for the Zeus, I suppose. But I’m figuring that comment’s not meant to apply to the kinetic weapons…

  • William Joyner

    I’m sure it will be in keeping with the current price structure for premium Robots. 1250 Au for light, 2500 Au for medium, 5000 Au for Heavy.

  • PhilandIlene Broome

    Yes, I’m that old. Also saw Molly Hatchet, Cars, the original members of Steve Miller Band….lol

  • Yogi 24

    Oh, and also saw ZZ Top 3 times…..

  • Jaymes

    Hello Walking War Beacon!

    Please have a Off and On setting for “No Beacon” and “Death Match”


    Your Richest Customer

  • Johnathon Taylor

    Should put zero gravity on the moon so we can jump further 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Johnathon Taylor

    And may be put a better weapon system up like rpg and the nuke and bombs to lay out for enemy to run into

  • Johnathon Taylor

    Put the goliathbot on there and set it up as a super heavy bot they he’s like 10 weapons

  • Johnathon Taylor

    We actually need a bot that is like bigger but fast and can hit hard from anywhere on the maps

  • Kia Ora

    I’d rather prefer to have the ability to customize my robots. For example, the ability to change weapons slots like changing a carnage with 2 heavy weapons into a carnage with 4 medium weapons or something like that.

  • Mike Horn

    It would be nice to be able to trade with clan members. Workshop points for gold or silver and vise/versa. Or even trade weapons and bots. Not sure how that’d work, but just a thought…

  • Von

    I absolutely love mech games and this one is a great one. Updates,new weapons and mechs as well as new maps are so important to break the monotony that comes from a lack of research. You guys are doing great great. I enjoy the stalker and those types of mechs and I think it would be great to NOT SEE the “arrows” that point out where mechs are. I like to sneak up and hit mechs as well as hide to get beacons. Arrows showing where we all are defeats the purpose. Make the mechs and their respective players find each other. The names can still be on them once you find them and colors. Possibly make a purchase item be different kinds of radar systems? That’s my 2 cents. Aloha from Hawaii!

  • Gustavo Ferreira

    Any plans to cross platform gaming?
    It would be way better than all these features.

  • Apunkr


  • Christopher Martinez

    You know what would be great as well, change the battle field locations perhaps some underwater Atlantis thing or a battle ground in the Amazon….point is just change the area of battle keep the players on there toes and excited about the battlefield environment.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Just sayin…. making maps for this isn’t “just that easy”. I have sent an idea about a game mode and am working on a “basic” map idea for it. Now in defense, I’m doing the map in a CAD format, so it’s probably taking me longer. But the point is the same.

  • Timothy Gilbert

    I’d like to see the names dimmed because when in groups one can’t make out who is who because the names all blend together and it is hard to even see the opposition period. I’d like a job playing this game and recommending actions to be for you

  • Jeff Rogers

    Hmmm…. a “no radar” game mode. That’s interesting.

  • Jeff Rogers

    If they release as in test, then no problem. Yes it will take some learning, but they aren’t invincible.

  • Jeff Rogers

    Not a bad idea. But I think they need a medic in here to heal a lot of the butt hurt going on.

  • Josh Hallenbeck

    Maybe they can be toggled in the settings? Just a thought. Personally I agree, please do not implement that if it is not able to be turned off.

  • Josh Hallenbeck

    I second this, I have so many bots I could set up 3 or 4 hangars.

  • Josh Hallenbeck

    Yes PLEASE!

  • quinto zout

    Great updates. I’ve been thinking though. A melee weapon for light robots would be perfect. Or a simple reverse option for the shield generator that does damage to nearby enemies. Would be nice to have a few drones on call too. Might consider a new class of bot I guess. Fast moving close combat craft with a few gadgets. A decoy or blinding lasers. Idk. Food for thought.good game guys keep it up

  • Maximus Dimas

    Love the new updates and can’t wait but there is one thing that bothers me. You said that kinetic weapons, such as the molot, would do more damage to physical shields but I’m afraid that the shields would have less importance and give way too easily unless it’s an energy weapon. So is there something you can do to help that?

  • James Gray

    Figures….nothing about the matching system they have now or the handicap system that’s junk!! Said it 100000 times….get the game working right before making it pretty!! Absolutely no priorities obviously!!!

  • Greg Ralph

    Please implement a new way to go through weapons inventory. Like a grid style so I don’t have to keep swiping left or right to get through my long list of weapons. Also, a sort button within that inventory list. I think this would be an excellent “ease of use” addition.

  • Robin Wall

    Suggestion: how about a new class of bot? A Medic bot, that instead all weapon hard points, only one small or med hard point and 1 or 2 heal hard points. Ideas for a heal would be every x seconds can restore x amount (depending on lvl) of health to a Friendly target. And as a second every x seconds radiates a pulse for a limited range, like an ancile that heals x amount to any friendly bots in range. Again the amount of health increases based on item level. Finally, a third could be every. Seconds drops a med kit which can be picked up and automatically consumed to heal friendly or enemy (first come first serve). I think the framework is already in place with ancile’s and it would both add a new dimention to the game as well as solve cases where matchup dropped a 2 shot kill bot in the mix. It would be up to teams to protect any medics they have just as they do snipers but the 1 single weapon hardpoint would make at least
    Give them a retreating chance in a direct confrontation. Just an idea!

  • Selin Kram

    Devs- the whole point of physical shields is to get us across the map. You spent all last year working on the Brit bots for the sole purpose of having the shield special ability. Upping the kinetic weapon damages makes it completely pointless to spend gold getting these bots. The rocket upgrade in 2.9.0 does a damn fine job splashing my shield bots to death. Giving me guns to worry about when I have a shield just makes the game unfun. People complaining about Ancilots just need to realize that a big part of this game, as well as any multiplayer game, is competing against the ingenuity of the opponent. Ancilots are not invulnerable, they just need a couple Orkans to sort them out. Don’t ruin the Brit bots and Rhinos.

  • Yash Jahar

    Still i can’t understand when there is Internet interruption then why our robot kill. I think if there is Internet interruption then robot points should freeze(it’s just a suggestion, may be good/bad,but good from my side). Because sometimes when you play well and suddenly Internet interrupt,game automatically stops (thats OK this game need full strength flow of net) but after sometime when you come back after interruption your robot died. It’s irritating.

  • Andrey Lee

    Make it first person and make the robots a little bit faster and graphics make it look better and map select and select game mode. Please and also make the weapon effects better and weapon sound effects.

  • Yash Jahar

    Ally robots energy level should be shown during fighting.

  • Jhozard Baldevia

    How about Brawl Mode.a mode without beacons just destroying robot..and i hope Tempest is longer than the picture

  • Jhozard Baldevia

    Just like me

  • Asher Thomas

    We need more light plasma weapons like the new medium energy weapon

  • Hangers and Loadouts. I’d like to be able to choose the same robots with different weapons equipt. Then have the choice of how I spawn that robot in game with which loadout I’d prefer for that map.

  • SK

    Yes, I concur with Scott that the intermittent connection is giving us a big problem, when there is a connection error, I checked my wifi connection first after the gameplay, but it always from the gamer server itself. I have to make sure my wifi is good because I enter into the next battle. Most of time we lose out due to this problem.

  • SK

    Fixing Zeus accuracy hit points bug is a good fix, but Pixonic also needs to look into other weapons hit points bugs, example, Taran, Orkan, etc, I noticed that sometimes we don’t score any hit points when hitting the body window, only to score when hitting the centre point which is ambiguous because we sometimes trick by the server connection intermittent problems, Pixonic should review and expand the hitting target window. Also, it is also kind of funny thing that can happen like, it does not score any hit points on the very first shoot of the game although cross line cursor shows it is the centre of the bot. This happens sometimes.

  • Jeff Rogers

    They tested Team Death Match couple weeks ago.

  • Otto S

    Fly weapons have very slow targeting..

  • Necroking

    I agree 110%. The inability to reload is a detriment.

  • Necroking

    Nerf the Gareth, Galahad, and Lancelot maybe, and fix the awful targeting system definitely. For the love of God, please fix the damn targeting system!

  • Rahul Santiago

    Need Chat system In battlefield some dumb players don’t do support when Rescuing beacons or capturing it! With Chat we can tell them what to do and can make strategies! You guys should make the chat system like wings of duty game! Peace

  • Paulpheonix1105/PilotParth1105

    Please add a self-targeting function as it somtimes becomes hard to target

  • No mention of fixing the shield bug either taking a full hit with 3+ Aphids with only a sliver of shield left. It should reduce the sheild to 0 AND do the remaining damage to the bot. You would see a lot less Lancelots with Anciles then.

  • Jay


  • Thats really key as currently we need a mix of bots to handle all long and short range maps. Having a Fury on small maps is fairly useless as is having a Gepard on large maps.

  • That had drove me crazy for years, yes you can somewhat time it to take cover but it’s still frustrating. They adjusted the Pin and Tulumbad, now they need the same for the machine guns and Taran.

  • Jay

    I’m not… I haven’t noticed any problems with the match making… Sometimes I waste them, sometimes they waste me… Just the luck of the draw…

  • Jay

    Ryan raises a good point about Work shop points becoming redundant for seasoned players, I quite like the idea of being able to use WSP’s to speed up upgrades or to trade them for Au, just something to stop them from becoming moot.

  • Angdafd WR

    I want the gun “Norricum” added little bit more damage because its so spreading high

  • Jessie Andrews

    Can u fixes this bug I keep getting put agiant people who always rush n destroy me and my team in like 10 second it’s very annoying pleses fixes cuz I was on 68% wins now gone down to 34% wins it’s making me not want to play
    Also just a thought what u could do is have cutimisesations for wepions so like paint jobs or mods to make them more powerful but mods can only be used in another game mod also bring some new robots out on the research points would be nice

  • Szappanos Ricsi

    Ricsi wgf jtb

  • Szappanos Ricsi

    Zzh uzb uz

  • Fari Fairis

    Agreed! Maybe make it a simpler and thinner thana circle like that. Four small dots like : : is much better I think. 🙂

  • Fari Fairis

    good idea, but surely it will reduce the fun of hide-and-seek gameplay..

  • Jaymes

    Dear Walking War Robot,

    Please allow your players to choose their own map to play on to avoid players leaving during gameplay.


    Your Richest Customer

  • Jaymes

    The game really need to allow players to select their own map to play on to avoid players leaving during a game. I thought I was the fewer ones that exit battle. This new clan I’m with now, we all leave battle until we get our maps. Wonder why players leave when game starts? I don’t enjoy leaving battle for fun. I just have to.

  • Rampager2000

    I use my Carnage and Gareth to break down those pesky snipers, bet they’re surprised to be taken out by a light bot

  • Ron Teel

    By far the best robot game in cyberspace, always a challenge and I can hardly wait for my next upgrade to happen. The only draw back for me is, I wish there was a way to earn more free gold. I play killshot and killshot bravo and they both have tap joy, a fun way to earn gold, plus they let you watch videos for more gold. They also run specials on their weapons and gear all the time. Check them out and see what they offer their gamers.

    Kind regards
    Googan Squad 2

  • Jeff Rogers


  • Paul Anthony Pulmano

    Improvements looks very promising, I hope you also do some improvements on the responsiveness of direction controls. Please do some fixing regarding this aspect. Another thing would be the tatgeting sight, I must agree with other gamers that this obscures our vision in getting better aim. Hope you consider our suggestion.

  • Christopher Mayo

    I’ll simply say one thing this game seriously needs to add. KDR. We need to know how many robots we’ve killed to how many robots we’ve blown up lol

  • Anthony Jenkins

    I have to agree. The new Targeting Scope is to Busy. Can’t see who your firing at. However. The Biggest Problem in this game, are the Players.

    Gather and hold Beacons, and Destroy the opponents, . It’s so simple that it boggles my mind when it’s not done.

    You Long Range Shooters need to understand, YOUR NOT HELPING IF WE’RE LOSING. . Get Into the game. Change to a faster Bot. Throwing Massive amounts of Servos at the opponents, WHEN they Hold All the beacons, isn’t Helping. Your Needed in the Fight. Not Long Distance calling it in.

    If your team is Winning with Beacons, but your Losing players to defend them. Remember. Time is on Your Side. If it’s 3 against 6, with 4 minutes left. ? Group Together your forces. Focus on Combined targeting. Be Evasive. Your Not really wanting More Ground to defend. Your wanting to disrupt the opponents and Make them waste Time..

    Time is your Friend or Enemy mattering on how well you Use it.

  • ramon enriquez

    +I hope they put the wild bunch in the store just like Camelot knights, not special offer because I request them to make/create it every little detail & it’s not fair to put the Camelot knights in the store but the wild bunch are not
    +I want a robot using left-handed weapon with a shield like Camelot knights

  • ramon enriquez

    +On Fujin, I would like to add another medium weapon like Gl. Patton but the top once it should be turn 45 degrees and the other one 135 degrees
    +On raijin, another two heavy weapons on his back so it can fire 4 trebuchet at once

  • Anthony Jenkins

    As for the game. I wish I could see the Health of my own teammates… I can’t tell who needs help unless it’s more then One on One, and that’s still a guess. .

    Also. The Griffin. It’s time Between Jumping needs to be shortened… I’m not asking for a lot. Just shorten the waiting time by 5 seconds.. I Believe it’s 20sec now.

    STALKER.. I Love this Bot.. Try and keep her compatible with the updates. . It would be nice if she could hold a Medium-sized weapon. And Run as fast as advertised.

  • ramon enriquez

    I would like to reduce the price of fury from 5000 to 2000 so I can buy it

  • ramon enriquez

    We want a physical shield In our heads that it protects us from zenith as if we want to deploy the shield like the shields of Camelot knights

  • Mine Blox03

    MAKE THe guns be able to buy with silver coins plz

    And the new robot,

  • TJ Strutzel

    3 ideas.

    1 Please add another range finder that calculates based solely on the stationary environment. Perhaps in a blue font that could be switched on and off from menu button.
    2 please add health bars for teammates. Can be an option from the menu as well.
    3 let players choose their maps

  • Keith Roland

    i agree with jaymes!!! me and my clan also leave battle until we get to play the maps we like. i think if the game lets us play the map we want, my clan would be very happy. sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes to get the map i want. i hate it

  • Jester Infester

    Question!: Why does it seem that Medium Weapons have been ignored, yet those that exist are the most used? Currently there are a measly half-dozen Medium Weapons, no counterparts to Zeus, Treb, or Trident, yet the new weapons planned increase the Hardpoint weaponry with the Heavy Molot MkII (??) and the Medium weapon announced is yet another close range variant of existing energy weapons. You are causing decent Bots like the Rhino to be irrelevant and as a WP Bot it is one of the most costly because we purchase WP with the silver we need for leveling up. How foolish is it to use Rhino and Fujin now? There are 50% more Lite Weapons than Medium, most of which are useless above the Gold rank and with the new Heavy the Medium get trashed. Whats up with that guys? How about giving that new Medium a medium range between 500-600 meters, or introduce a medium Rocket (Spirals are useless above Gold rank too)? Say it with me:”More Medium Weapons…”!

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    Agree with Jaymes and Keit too. My clan does it as well. Most of the time a map we all don’t like will pop out like 5 times in a row. Kinda annoying and wasted a lot of time. We all would be very happy to select our map

  • Oran

    what about allowing iOS and Android players to be in the same taskforce and same clan?
    This is terribly missing from the game and very annoying for anyone who wants to play with actual real life friends but cant do it because they run on different mobile platforms.
    Please add this in the summer update, I bet it will help tons and tons of us players

  • ramon enriquez

    I want a robot that cloak similar to stalker

  • ramon enriquez

    I agree

  • ramon enriquez

    I want the bullets of molot: 100; molot mk2: 200; punisher: 150; punisher mk2: 250

  • ramon enriquez

    You mean we play with who are newbies?

  • ramon enriquez

    Jenkins if we meet in the game, I would like to have your opinion on my robots
    In the game: name aoi minase

  • ramon enriquez

    The last slot in hangar, can you convert it to Ag silver?

  • ramon enriquez

    About the scourge, I wonder how would be range 350 or more than that
    For ex. 350? 375? Or 400?
    The tempest, range 800 too? Or more than that
    Ex. 850?, 900?

  • ramon enriquez

    About the beast from the east, they look like Galahad
    And as usual, I want a new version of these robots: left handed weapons

  • ramon enriquez

    We want a mode that we send a friend request to other players so we can play side by side and for custom match too

  • ramon enriquez

    Stationary environment? You mean like fujin and raijin?

  • ramon enriquez

    Guys what do we say that every time we upgrade our weapons it decreases the reload time
    What do you say?

  • Hectrix Looi

    Please fix the aphid bug.. Sometime enemy fire the aphid and hit the wall but my hp still dropping.. Or can’t saw the aphid rocket coming from where but my hp keep drop too.. Like invisible rocket.. Lo|..?

  • Caleb Bellingham

    Hi WR if you need ideas for anything just send me an email about what and u will get lots of ideas but just the ideas. My email is
    (I already have a great idea for multiple robots with their own weapons and some cool maps. Please note that my map ideas are crazy. Like ships and anti jump cannons that your robots go in! =)=)=)=) $$$$$$$$$)

  • Larry

    u guys r wasting ur time complaining to walking robot! this select-map was the biggest complaint years back when the game was popular. everybody wanted to pick their own map to play on. the game lost half of the customer becus of that (im 1 of them that left WINK WINK) i still like the game but i have 2 much grudge to go bak n play lol

  • Caleb Bellingham

    I agree with you.

  • Array

    All this B.S. but the piece of crap matchmaker is staying? What’s the point? Stupid. This is literally the worst matchmaking system I’ve seen in my life. The blue and red target is stupid too. Do yu guys who design this game even play the damn thing? So many stupid calls. Good luck. I quit.

  • Trent Rosenkrantz

    These are awesome updates. Thank you so much for all you developers do! Doing amazing. I have no complaints.

  • Alain Fortin

    thats why you get the bots slots opened.

  • Eddie Ayala

    How about stats for beacons? It’s a big part of the game and still has no stats for it.

  • Alain Fortin

    i agree i just put a post about that. and new maps cause i am loosing interest in the game again cause its been the same maps for three years besides one.

  • Mark the engineer

    Totally spot on. The moon (or other alien environments) needs to affect robot performance. Otherwise, it’s just another map. Not zero gravity though, 1/6th just like the real moon.

  • Khaiel

    I agree with Bubble Love Sponge WR, and Jaymes. I don’t thingk putting that blue cursor in the middle of the red cursor will he annoying and irrelevant. Unless it helps accuracy, then maybe . . . but not recommended, and could you please make things not gold. .. . Like the Gekko, or the Orkan. Please. People that have it are so overpowered. And sometimes I get a little jeolous😃😄. BUT STILL, take very thing inconsideration of what everyone says, thanks! My name on the game is Adrenaline Junkie by the way . . . Bye! Oh and WILD IDEA, MAKE A HEALING “WEAPON” ALONG WITH SHOWING YOUR UR TEAMMATES​ HP. AS THE WEAPON IS HEALING, YOU DEAL “DAMAGE” AND OBTAIN XP LIKE WHEN YOU DO REAL DAMDGE YOU GET AU SILVER AND XP!!!

  • Yash Jahar

    Don’t leave battle bcz it will lead to loose battle for your ally. Mate it really not good.

  • Enrico Cruz

    other gamers are focus on their mission, they did not intend to help to win why not introduce that they can only achieve it when the team win, thank you…

  • Vandal Rylov

    I’d like to say a few things. Can the Zenit get some love? It’s a badass looking weapon but useless AF. Can it get a lock-on feature? Or at least more splash damage? Or faster projectile speed so you can actually hit your target instead of them simply strolling out of the way? Also can you try removing the red enemy indicators until you spot an enemy and “mark” them by locking onto them? They’ll be marked for a certain duration before becoming “invisible” again. This will add a more hardcore taste to the game and will require alertness. Plus it’ll be fun working on your stealth and ambush skills. For countermeasures you can add silver-purchasable only radar that’ll detect enemies for you and teammates but only to a certain distance. Please guys this would be dope!

  • Aaron Ruggles

    I think custom UI would be cool. achievable lock on sights like red dot, target reticle, blue diamond, 3 and 4 dot, custom colors, ect. upgradable targeting per robot for quicker lock on and/or closest proximity or closest to center.

  • Rouhan Siddique

    I want to see my team mates health as well in ur upgrades and thier leagues as it’s not showing now for some reason

  • Double A Frank

    You quitters ruin the game for others. Man up cowards! They should institute a timeout penalty for all quitters that gets successively more extended the more you do it.

  • A-Man Zhifu

    Please move the movement control slightly to center, if to narrow to border, we can’t move left and back faster than to move forward and right

  • Joshua Steven Ramsey

    I also agree. More visibility, is better performance, is less frustration, is more enjoyable. 😉

  • Joshua Steven Ramsey

    Idea: you could do custom reticules for players to use and have fun with.

  • Kab

    I’ve only join WR a couple of months ago, so new at This. I joined to fight other WR & capture beacons if that’s what it take to win. It is frustrating to join a battle & fight a bot down or two just because they didn’t like the map. That’s part of the challenge, you select your hanger & then adapt your bots & tactics to the map to try to win. Win some, lose some.

    To those “clan map campers” that bug out ’cause they didn’t get their favorite map “put on your big girlboy panties & deal with it”. Be the true warrior you can be, not just a “map camper”. If there are that many clan map campers out there give them their own domain so they fight among themselves​ & let us true warriors deal with the challenge of not quite the right set up but fighting any way with a full team.

    I agree with those that think the current set of bugs should be eradicated before they let any more loose. Do this k that there should be a better map rotation algorithm, do seem to get the same map several times in a row. But could be those map campers screwing everyone else over so they can have so they don’t have to work so hard.

  • Chunshan Lin

    How about “Last standing mode?” 12 robots in the battlefield, no team, all robots are enemies. Gold rewarded to the the one standing till the end, as well as the one who kill most robots.

  • Derek Mahon

    I agree, those who quit just because they don’t like the map are poor players in my opinion, part of being a good player is the ability to select weapons and bots that perform on all maps even if some are better than others.

  • Derek Mahon

    Change your clan dude.

  • Binay gupta

    Why the test server of war robot is not working

  • Anthony Jenkins

    I found 1 by the name “minase”.. It’s a Young player, with 2 bots, at level 5/6 ?? Is that you ? If so. What would you like to know. ?

  • Dark Dragon

    More team please…3 or more ;))

  • Jinggo

    Can you do something to the people who leave the game.. something like give penalty to people who leave the game without use all their robots..

  • مصعب الكناني

    Very good

    I like it

  • Dipesh Nayak

    All in your game is the best but your new change is faster finish the game select location 10 min is more time and many more suggetion for you but i m not write proper english that y its ok but wonderful game 🙌🙌

  • Mohammad-Amin Al-Fayoumi

    A lot of people are disliking the new blue and red cursor in the targeting gui, and I consider myself one of them. However, I would like to suggest a different concept of aiming in this game, and the idea is to give for each type of weapon a different style of targeting. For example, for splash damage weapons they could have a pointer with a circle to show the splash radius. And for long range weapons they could have a zooming ability and crosshair cursor. And for Thunder and Punisher there could be a brackets aiming sight for the damage radius.

  • Keith Scottsman

    Can we please get the option to select robots once we know what map we are playing? Can’t believe this isn’t a thing yet.


    Why not a new game mode : Team death match
    Kill all enemy bot to win

  • Phillip

    I would like to see the friends list created within war robots so u build quickly and easily a friend list… It’s cumbersome to do a friends list thru facebook shouldn’t be necessary.

  • Jay Koehler

    I think it’s a bad idea to make energy weapons stronger against physical shields. With the new rockets we just got, physical shields are basically useless. I use to use 2 shielded bots but with the new update they get destroyed so fast I don’t bother using them anymore. If you make energy weapons stronger against physical shields then you might as well just forget about anyone using them anymore.

  • Albie Davis

    Dont put that curser there. Also, GIVE THE ONES WHO LEAVE BATTLE, PENALTIES. Their COWARDS. Leaving just because they do not like the level. Make sure you are an all around playa. Also please fix these freezes. No, it is not my connection.

  • Jeremy Diggs

    I would love to see my teammates health bars maybe if there was a button to show them while I hold it and minimize it when I let go.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    This is one of my biggest pet hates. People who leave games just because they don’t like the map. It ruins it for everyone else. Perhaps pixonic should introduce a league penalty. Leave too many times (say 3) in a row then you lose DOUBLE the amount of league points.
    Adjust your game to play every map.

  • ramon enriquez

    Like when I use my weapon to heal my teammates, it heals
    But when you use it against enemies, it’s not healing it’s decreasing like a normal weapon, right?

  • ramon enriquez

    It depends on a robot on how they can see the enemy in the radar

  • ramon enriquez

    I’m level 30
    Yes I would like to know

  • Double A Frank

    I would extend it to a game penalty. Timed lock out from joining a battle if you quit that gets progressively more punitive.

  • ramon enriquez

    after the update, where are the wild bunch in the store like Camelot knights?

  • Double A Frank

    Who the heck names their kid “Pink”?

  • ramon enriquez

    I admit it guys that I rarely quit in the battle because of the map, they’re randomly to play
    It’s not like I’m a coward, just because the map

  • Larry W

    oh yea. they quit battle makes them look like cowards. enforcing higher penalty wont work too. i dont play the game no more but going bak years ago wit my old clan, we were all maxed out pilots and weapons. we werent there to play for silver or gold. we wanted 2 play just 2 win. the early exit battle penalty didnt bother us.

  • Радослав Михайлов

    Няма ли българи ,мамка му?Нека направим наш клан!

  • Tim Coggins

    Well…first off you and all the members of your clan that do this will wind up in the “leavers queue”. So you can look forward to having some really goofy battles. Hope you have fun with that. Second, most likely if you have a full clan squad of 6 that all quit out it will be impossible to replace all 6 of you and in all probability only 2 can be replaced in the first 30 seconds…so whichever 4 of you the system decides to leave in that battle just got your ranking dropped pretty dramatically. So hope you have fun with that too. I actually think that anyone that drops out that can’t be replaced should have to bear the full brunt of a loss. So a 5v6 match results in the guy that had 0 kills, 0 beacons, 0 damage taking a 55 point hit on their ranking.

  • Tim Coggins

    Hallelujah….I sent pix an email and told them that I thought that any 5v6 match that ended in a loss the “leaver” should bear the entire brunt for the loss. It would cost them 55 ranking points to quit out..and after I thought about it for a second…I told pix that was not enough of a penalty. It needs to be doubled. So any player that quits out is taking the risk if they can’t be replaced by the mm system of losing 110 ranking points for doing it.

  • Larry W

    thats good suggestions 2 extend the penalty 2 a felony lol. the leavers still gonna find a way 2 waive the penalty by not attaching the enemy seriously or wont liberate any beacon 2 gain a loss. thats no fun for both team in my opinion. these are same o arguments we had years ago lol

  • disqus_7WB6ChSdmv

    What about mines. Makes jump more usefulness. Also a engineer/ medic?

  • Liquid

    You guys are seriously moving backwards. You literally just had to upgrade the UI, all of these changes. Yet you still have to find people on there facebook page in order to add them to your squad instead of making this a in game thing. People that you play with, can’t even join your clan unless you find them on facebook. Not to mention you should really penalize in active players, or immediately kick them and replace them with another player if they stop moving for 30seconds or a min. Not camping I’m talking people that come in the game, then literally just sit there the entire game while your team gets mowed down. But most importantly you really need to stop lying about prices, talking about “the original price was 89.99 but now its 64.95” none of the stuff in the game costed that much before. Plus doing twice the damage on kinetic shields, when all of the shields arr connected to slow moving machines with pathetic amount of durability is completely unbalanced. What’s the purpose of a shield if you are going to completely destroy its use? The Carnage gets destroyed by Magnums, The Rhino can’t even turn properly with it’s shields up at full speed, the Natasha is pretty much a sitting duck. You guys are literally making horrible decisions that is going to hurt your pockets in the long run. This is hands down one of the best phone app games on here. Do not ruin it.

  • Liquid

    It doesn’t even matter if they quit, if they quit they are instantly replaced with a new player. Them quiting the match actually have no barring on your gameplay what so ever. However you would rather them. Quit the game, then someone sitting there idle the entire game. While the other team racks up points shooting your mech, while taking dowm everyone that’s around them.

  • Liquid

    Same here I played just to win, I payed for stuff just to contribute to the game because it was my favorite. But when they started making unnecessary updates. I kind of feel like they are doing what people usually do, get lazy, spew trash content, get greedy.. which ends up backfiring. Then its done, but they could have just upgraded the art. They are literally destroying the purpose for certain equipment. They amped up missiles, now they reload while providing splash damage, they are now making shields take twice the damage which minimizes teamwork and support. They are literally making things that need to be boosted useless. If you are going to do that, you need to upgrade the durability of certain machines by twice the amount. To make up for the unbalanced gameplay.

  • Liquid

    Your first request was somewhat unreasonable but considerable. Your second request was just complete spite, and that of a sore loser.

  • Double A Frank

    Penalty as in time. 5 minute battle lockout. Then 15 minutes. Then an hour. Then a week. etc.

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    No one is a coward. We all pay money for reasons to win. I’m not a noob like you. Spending ten minutes with a bunch of noobs like you in a game makes it really sucks. If you are going to come in and just do less damage you need to be the one who leaves lol. That’s the reason why many others leave the game. You are saying I should come in and act like noobs in a game play so I can mess others up? You don’t get it huh? Win is the point of the game. You probably lose most of the time to think that way. I’m sorry for you, I’m on the winning team. What’s your excuse? You’re just a bunch of noobs just want to have fun? You make me lmao.

  • Arron Buchanan

    Good luck on the update I love this game

  • Akshay Saini

    its not about being a noob ,may be you were born perfect from starting you knew what weapon to use etc etc but on this planet earth where we humans live we first learn and then get perfect so mr. perfect its not about being a noob its about not giving up on any team its a game for teamwork and we noobs here play in a team to get close to perfect but still we won’t get perfect as you are ,you are a perfect player and seem to be doing 1on 6 and winning ever since​, alas but only in virtual world so sad…in real life you must be a noob in everything thats why you take out your real life noob frustration to show your perfect personality by giving up in between games…👏👏👏👏

  • Larry W

    liquid u bring up a good point many players dont c. i dont wanna get off topic but take the beacon task as an example. becus of the beacon task, players use crossacks jumping around 2 get beacon so they can complete their daily task. it ruins other players game every time. so back 2 the original topic….becus of the way the mapping are design, it causes players 2 leave battle, & thats y we r making a big deal of. WWR did it 2 themselves. its self inflicted wound. the game really have 2 grant players the opportunity 2 pick their map 2 solve this disease

  • mrjakestinger


  • mrjakestinger

    I like that.

  • mrjakestinger

    you are a total douchebag. focus on the game not their personal life. what if he or she put lot of money in it. i aint the best player but I surely dont want noobs to interfere win im doing good.

  • Scott Ketcherside

    Agreed. Rockets and artillery bypass shields, and missiles often go around them (at least on my Gareth). The only thing they’re going to be effective against are energy weapons.

    Also, I know realism may not be top priority, but bullets aren’t really effective against armor. Could be confusing for new players.

    Maybe have kinetics do increased damage to weapons and legs? It would fit in with the “suppression” role that keeps getting brought up, and would tie in with the counter to dodgey bots.

  • Scott Ketcherside

    Would definitely give an advantage to people playing on tablets or screens, but I like the idea.

    Not sure how locking would work though.

  • Dayne Clayton

    Here something you all can do on the weapons instead of leàveling up just one at a time say there 4 Gekko’s or Zeus or any other weapons leavel them all up at the same time it will be easier and faster to instead one at a time

  • Scott Ketcherside

    They’re making kinetics stronger against physical shields. Energy weapons are for countering energy shields, confusingly enough.

  • Scott Ketcherside

    And when you have all three equipped?

  • ∆rgonaut

    Everything seems good but the gun buff. My Galahad is vulnerable enough to those rocket robots. Please don’t do this.

  • ∆rgonaut

    Those annoying quitters are called Tankers

  • ∆rgonaut

    They sometimes do that to get gold, too

  • ∆rgonaut

    Good idea

  • Double A Frank

    If you were half as good as you think you are, you could win on any map. But you can’t because you lack the intellectual and tactical prowess to adapt to changing and challenging circumstances. So you quit in order to protect your fragile ego and arrogance at the expense of others. Your inability to face the potential of failure is text book definition of cowardice.

  • Lee Baker

    No your right you should drop points each time that might change some attitudes

  • Larry W

    lee! droppin points is a bad idea. dropppin points will only match him up wit the lower levels. now he’s gonna go camp the low level’s butt. then all the low level eventually give up playing the game

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    If they quit once the game starts they go down as a 000 and DON’T get replaced leaving you a man down. The worst game I had was 3, yes 3, 000. I wondered why we lost so quick.
    That sort of behaviour is unacceptable, in other games (such as a large multi million pound franchise who are known for online multi-player on consoles/pc’s) there is a vote system but you still have to play the map chosen by vote.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    There is a distance limit to seeing mechs, why not reduce it to, say 500 metres. As soon as a team mate sees the much and target locks it, all players on that team can see it.

  • Larry W

    u n shizzle r being silly now. lets focus lol. apparently the maps are proven unequal. WWR came out recently said something like some maps need fixed becus they notice one side do win more than the other side. u take a look at powerplant map. 3 beacons are closer together and the other 2 beacons are further. when both teams r pro, the team that gets to be on the 3 beacons side will likely wins becus they re-spawn next to the 3 beacons. damn i wish i could find u the youtube video this 1 guy explains all the unbalanced maps lol

  • Double A Frank

    There are ways to address someone sitting idle and classifying them as having essentially quit. No system will be perfect, but not addressing the rampant problem is unacceptable.

  • Double A Frank

    I’ve had similar problems, but it is sporadic. It’s hard to tell if its a server issue or my connection.

  • Double A Frank

    Now that you mention it, the choices in medium weapons are a bit thin. That’s probably why we see the same setups on medium hard point robots. Good observation.

  • Double A Frank

    In order to make molots and punishers more relevant, I believe making every fifth round or so an armor piercing round. It would require some testing in order to keep shields relevant though. Just a thought.

  • Double A Frank

    That would make long distance snipers irrelevant.

  • Double A Frank

    I saw it. Some advantages are offset by other factors. For example, proximity to beacons could be offset by a lack of cover. They keep stats on every battle to ensure parity. But just because something is hard doesn’t mean you quit. You learn. You adapt. You overcome. The problem may not be the map. It may be the tactics being employed.

  • Hector Chavez

    Great game and the updates sound amazing. But an idea came to mind. What about adding a flamethrower or an EMP launcher just strong año ugh to stop light robots for like 2 seconds

  • Hector Chavez

    Great game and the updates sound amazing. But an idea came to mind. What about adding a flamethrower or an EMP launcher just strong enough to stop light robots for like 2 seconds

  • ramon enriquez

    Not me

  • Petr Mach

    Add gamepad support please.

  • Sparks

    Coiners like to buy their way to a win instead of earn it and then try to humilate everyone else. What a sad way to live, running from a fight cause they don’t like a map. So then they beef up their squad for a certain map instead of having to cover the full range of maps like everyone else. Now that makes it lopsided when other players have to face them randomly on the maps they own because we carry both long and short range bots. Since they are flush with money and time, then lay out time penalties WITH taking gold away AND awarding it to the squad they just left abandoned on the field!!

  • Jeff Rogers

    Could be as a “Tag” system. Once an allie has line of sight the opponent can be locked….. as long as los remains.

  • Gaz

    Cant wait for the update

    You should add more weapons for leo robot like taran etc thanks for hard work

  • John Sayeg

    I don’t encounter any of the problems u people r complaining about, everyone stays and just has a good time

  • memyselfni

    I’m not one of those guys who leave battle. But I’d prefer to choose my own map.

  • Tim Coggins

    So players that screw up battles for 11 other players should just go about their merry way…I think not. Also, there is nothing about being a sore loser involved here. It is about idiots that create problems for everyone and as a matter of fact it is spite and well should be. Either players that do this can learn to play by the rules or quit playing all together. I suppose you believe it would be just fine if the NFL, NBA or MLB allowed teams to field additional players. By the way you do have to realize that a 5v6 battle comes down to 25v30. Would you be ok if pixonic randomly decided from one battle to the next to gift one squad with 20% more damage and 20% more health. I think not.

  • Larry W

    ur actually not helpin 2 find a solution. ur criticizing the players that leave b4 the game n in the middle of the game. y cant we ask the question y r a handful of players exiting battle on purpose? i heard these people here complaining about not bein able to choose their own map. thats 1 valid complaint. i know there r more reasons. u wanna help to determine more reasons player leave battle?

  • Yellow Park

    I only play big maps and long range maps cus all my pilots are snipers. My bad for quitting battles on you guys. I get more damage if I choose certain maps.

  • michael schuliga

    We also need ally HP bars. It’s a bit annoying that your enemies know more about the guy next to you then you do.

  • M Soban Khan

    I play sniper 3d assassin game and i love it. But they are very slow developers. So no i play war robots and the up gradation system sucks. Why cant I upgrade all my robots or weapons at the same time like any other game. In sniper assassin if i have money i can upgrade all my weapons at the same time. But in war robots i have to wait for 1 robot or weapon to upgrade and then i can upgrade another one. And this up gradation time is killing me, i have to wait for 3 to 4 days for one thing to upgrade. If it is going to be the same, then i dont know how long i will be playin this game.

  • Jeff Bischoff

    Should disable able to leave map when start it just for crybaby credit card players that don’t know how to battle with all the top bots and weaponry they purchased

  • Dean Karol

    Please make the moon have a different gravity. Jumping bots should fly longer. This is very important because people play this game enjoy the science of it. This should not unduly affect the balance of the game.

  • ramon enriquez

    I agree that we upgrade all of it at the same time

  • ramon enriquez

    Why not give some perk on a robot?
    Ex. Carnage should have perk for more damage by using recommended weapons

  • ramon enriquez

    I want those wild bunch in the store like Camelot knights
    “Dream squad. Bring your friends and get the wild bunch for influence”
    Who are the dream squad?

  • m@$ter Gary

    You should stop posting your comment if you believe there’s no perfect system. Of course there’s no perfect system. Folks quit battle like everyday. Now you want to penalize them for quitting battle? I don’t think the players wake up every morning and think about coming online to ruin other players game. The players are fed up with this broken system to act this way. I’ve been reading your post and you sound so much like a company boy; anyone that says something bad about this game, you defend it.

  • Double A Frank

    “You should stop posting your comment if you believe there’s no perfect system.” – So quit making suggestions for improvement. Brilliant.

    “Folks quit battle like everyday.” – There’s the problem.

    “Now you want to penalize them for quitting battle?” – Yes. That would eliminate or reduce the problem. i.e. the game gets better.

    “I don’t think the players wake up every morning and think about coming online to ruin other players game.” – But they do. (See: The problem)

    “I’ve been reading your post and you sound so much like a company boy; anyone that says something bad about this game, you defend it.” – I’m pointing out a problem, suggesting a solution and you interpret that as “defending” the game? Reading comprehension is taught in school for a reason.

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    Ok Mr so smart lol. I’ve read most of the comments people are coming at you. You just don’t get the fact that some maps are not balance. It don’t matter how good you are. If you end up on that bad side of the map you have the lesser chance to win. And you are saying we have to just accept it and adapt? OMG dude you’ll never get it. If the maps was balance, Most of us wouldn’t complain about it. When you put a lot of money into it, you’ll understand.

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    You’re just another one who would never understand about having unbalance maps.

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    I get you. That’s why we are asking to have map selecting as an option.

  • Brett Smith

    I would love to see a zoom function for long range bots…

  • Dan Golden

    I can’t stand playing when you know that your team is short 2 robots

  • m@$ter Gary

    Yo Shizzle!!!! Double A Frank doesn’t understand the whole entire game. He’s slow. You’re on the losing side and he wants you learn to adapter and overcome to win. That’s nonsense advice! Double A Frank had only fought noobs. haha That’s how he’s been winning. Trust me. When you’re up against ALL pros, the three sided beacons gonna win in Power Plant.

  • Sparks

    You must be joking, and quit using the EXCUSE of unbalanced maps. Most all of us play them ALL. I play for the fight and enjoy the game no matter the situation, even when the cowardice players drop because the don’t like a certain map. Some people need to be protected with bubble wrap because they can’t handle adversity. NEWSFLASH — LIFE ISN’T FAIR!! The more you learn how to handle adversity by adapting, the stronger you become, which translates directly to being a better player. Grow up and whining.

  • m@$ter Gary

    Sparks, let me interrupt you…… If you could answer this question correctly, I will call you pro. Only a pro knows this question. If you don’t know, I will correct you: “WHAT MAP IS BALANCED AND WHY IS IT BALANCED?

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    You noob so you wouldn’t understand. I’m not going to spend anymore time with you lol.

  • John Wick

    I’m new to the game and I love it but one flaw I hate on this game is if someone runs infront of you your target automatically turns to the new target I hate that factor if I’m shooting at someone and someone runs infront how is my shooting affective if it selects the new target right after your shoot just saying I love to snipper people and I think that it should be addressed and concernd and hopefully even a snipper riffle us big robots would love that feature we are dead slow even when upgraded I think we deserve something added to help even the playing field but the auto lock would be awesome if you had a lock on target button or something that would help you keep locked on one target vs misfire cause someone running infront causing you missing the target is a glitch I’d love to see fixed or improved

  • christpher johnson

    Wat peice of garbage pays moneh to win

  • TayQuan Frenchman McFadden


  • WR

    New combat ui: I do not like it when you kill a robot and it comes out below: Pilot27365 [Molot] Pilot73642

  • Robert Rowe

    Should be a high punishment for leaving battles, especially if it’s because of babies who don’t like certain maps. Ruins the game for other players.

  • Jeff Rogers

    There is a target lock button. I feel it’s hard to use in the current location, but it’s there.

  • Swink Gamer

    To much changing in ui etc makes people leave. People that spent money in this game will be forced to leave couse of to many changes. That new target really takes the edge of. The current we have in the game now is perfect as it is. Only changes that doesnt get people to quit is new robots, weapons and maps. To much changings in ui is never good. I played and quit many games couse of changes that went bad/negative. In this game i hope the aiming stays as it is. I dont wanna quit this awsume game.

  • Swink Gamer


  • MissileDrongo

    You kind of people are hat ruin these games. You pay to win rather than use actual talent, and then blame the game when you lose. You assume War Robots owe you something because you spent money to upgrade your virtual death machine, but they don’t. As a matter of fact, its quite the opposite, since changes are often made to convince free to plays to spend actual money on the game rather than the gold earned through skilled play.

  • Steven Simon

    So i think. The win win solution is developer make fiture to select maps, but to used it must pay some gold. So anyone who want to play specialist can go there a couple times. But not every time. So they don’t steal all ratting because only playing on maps they always win.

  • Robert Chinwuba Emeka

    Would be nice to add drones, and with anti cannon missile

  • Swink Gamer

    Ye the aiming is fine as it is now. The new 1 you cant see the robot youre shooting at!

  • Dan Koen

    I like that the game is constantly evolving, I’ve been playing since Sept 12th 2016 when my friend from London told me he’s been playing it for a year. Most good games even from Gameloft tire out in 9 months to a year. Not this one good job. Moody Stinger.

  • Chris Xerri

    How about a weapon that launches and adheres to the agile robot and weighs it down reducing its speed?

  • Colt

    I am thrilled that their adding more Bots and new new map!
    The new weapons will certainly change the dynamics of the game. The shields sound like they could be nerfed bad enough that the Lancelot and the Camelot bots will be rendered not wortg getting. I think the recent adjustments to the shield balanced the enough.

  • Michael

    Yeah I like your game but please don’t make ordinary guns break my rajin’s shield faster because what’s the point of having a shield that breaks easy?!?!

  • Michael

    Yeah you tell him shizzle👍

  • ramon enriquez

    Can you change the regeneration speed of shield on carnage and fujin? Just make it a little bit more faster

  • Joe Bazooka

    That’s all fine and nice. But please first fix the game crashes and server lag. Our clan is getting a bit tired of it.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    Answer – None! All have their faults and advantages. It all depends on team work.

  • Efren Bueno Buensuceso Jr.

    How to change my new weapon

  • Jack Dillon Ham

    How about making it an option to upgrade a robot and also a weapon at the same time or 1 specific upgrade slot for bots and 1-3 upgradable of course for weapons

  • Moe Shariea

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 well said.

  • Double A Frank

    If you want to change the supposed disparity, play it out. They keep stats on battles to ensure parity. When you quit, they throw it out because it is does not identify the potential disparity of the map. It becomes disparity in armies. Man up.

  • Double A Frank

    So don’t learn new and better tactics. Don’t adapt to challenging circumstances. Don’t face adversity like a man and do your best regardless. Just quit when things get a little bit hard.

    Sounds like coward advice when you put it into context.

  • THOR

    Clan ID: 23087
    on Android

  • Jonathan

    I have won on the power plant with a bunch of noobs on the 2beacon side and the enemy teem was made up of pros with fujins and Natashas with 2 thunders because I am a pro and I don’t pay to win and I only have 3 robots

  • Jonathan

    Don’t quit because you don’t like the map. Just have robots for all of the maps you cowards

  • Jonathan

    I don’t pay to win. And I am not a noob like you guys I am a pro and I don’t quit the map because I don’t like it.

  • Sushant Wadekar

    Is there something wrong with the targeting system?

  • John Fierro

    Here are some ideas I would like to see implemented:

    – Add left and right arrows to hangar (and store) to access last items first and vice versa.

    – Add status indicator when in a clan showing which players are currently in battle or not.

    – Fix issue when getting stuck in place on flat surfaces, I get stuck and held in place (too often) on many different flat surfaces in different maps.

    – Add weapon load out feature so that players can create different weapon load outs to suit their playing style and be able to add that load out to their war robots with one click/button push. Include alerts indicating some weapons are currently assigned and must be unequipped in order to proceed or that they don’t fit a particular slot on a robot.

  • m@$ter Gary

    Okay you’re a noob lol…. I’ll educate you, Sparks, and Double A Frank because all of you guys are one same person with different accounts. Don’t ask me why I know. You guys have the same style of writings and same broken language haha. First of all, the only balanced map is dead city. The map is mirrored. The map fits with all range weapons including snipers on each corner, unlike power plant where sniping is not effective on certain side. I knew none of you guys know this question because ya just noobs talking big behind your devices. Here’s another question: I bet you guys dont know why the game purposely designed unbalanced maps? nevermind…i forgot im talking to a bunch of hardcore noobs haha

  • m@$ter Gary

    come on bro! you gotta be kidding. stop creating fake accounts to make you look good. i laughed when you said fujin and natasha are pro lol.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    Oh yes, I must be a hardcore Noob and now I will educate YOU on why I answered as I have.

    No map is balanced (and this applies to ALL maps in any multi player game) due to the human mind.
    Everyone has a certain style of gameplay, which, unfortunately, affects the way maps are played. Let’s take your example of Dead City (look, capitals used as its a name. Impromptu English lesson for you). Yes, in design aspects it’s about the most balanced map (as well as Moon). But, due to the vagaries of human nature, it becomes unbalanced once people start playing.

    And, yes, I am a Noob. If I’m ever lucky enough to join the Legend League, I will still be a Noob as someone will always come at you with a new tactic or combo to challenge you.
    To show you how much of a Noob I am, I will list my garage for you.
    Lvl9 Stalker with 2x lvl8 Aphids
    Lvl8 Leo with 1x lvl8 Trident, 3x lvl8 Punisher
    Lvl8 Griffin with 2x lvl8 Taran and 2x lvl8 Magnum
    Lvl8 Leo with 1x lvl8 Thunder, 1x lvl8 Pinata, 2x lvl8 Magnum.

    As you can obviously tell, my language is hideously broken, my spelling is atrocious and let’s not even look at my punctuation.

  • m@$ter Gary

    Okay Double A Frank lol

  • Sparks

    Each side has equal access to the beacons and the positioning of spawn points does not favor one team over the other. In my opinion, Dead city and the moon are balanced. Shenzhen and

    Yamantau have been adjusted and will be monitored. The canyon is questionable, Power plant and Springfield are lost causes, but still fun no matter the side or spawn point. A true sport takes on any challenge, learns from adversity, and strives hard even under difficult circumstances. I’d never hire anyone who doesn’t live by the previous sentence and reading some of these post has just shown me another way to weed out people before making the mistake of hiring a problem person.

    One more point:
    You can always tell when a person’s IQ has been exceeded when they resort to name calling – Sparks … calling me a noob proves the point.

  • Sparks

    You can always tell when a person’s IQ has been exceeded when they
    resort to name calling – Sparks … calling me a noob proves the point.

  • Sparks

    and for just a moment I though you might’ve had a bit of intelligence …. my mistake

  • m@$ter Gary

    lmao!!!! your highest bot is level 9? you’re such a spoiled kid! look it kiddo! go purchase the $9.99/mo and come back and talk to me when all your bots and weapons are level 12’s. i dont want to debate with you anymore. you might get me banned here for typing something you’re flooding this comment line. good luck to you kiddo

  • Jay Bell

    6Th slot soon? 8-9k gold maybe

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    So what if my highest bit us lvl9? I don’t pay to win so I let time go by as I upgrade.

    Secondly, I am a premium payer.

    Thirdly, I posted my garage, not to give you ammunition but to show I actually do play the game.

    Fourth, you ridiculed my answer to your question, insulting me in the process (comment of Noob). I provided reasoning behind my answer, as any semi intelligent person is prone to do. Then you insult me further by calling me spoilt, and a kid! I won’t reveal my age, but I have 2 kids and play this game for fun while studying part time (distance learning) for my bachelor’s (hons) in Mathematics.

    Lastly, I would possibly be higher in league rankings if Tankers would actually see out the game.

  • Braden Alexander

    PLEASE do not add that blue thing in the crosshairs. It obstructs the view so badly. PLEASE DO NOT ADD IT.

  • Jay Koehler

    Yes I read that wrong. Either way shield bots just took a kick to the nads with the rocket update. to add more fire power against them is basically removing them from the game all together. I wouldn’t care so much but I just spent weeks upgrading 3 of them and now they aren’t even fun to play with. I’m a versatile player if nothing else. If I can’t beat em I join em. So until something better comes along I will be one of those bots bobbing up and down raining rockets down on you from 500 meters away =)

  • Jay Koehler

    I agree the drop outs are annoying. But I know from experience sometimes I can’t select a bot because of a connection problem and end up returning to the hanger. Hopefully the new scoring will fade them out to the noob league. Being able to select your map would be a good fix. Team play sucks when you have to play with random d-bags. It would be helpful if there was a way to communicate with other players outside of your alliance. Team play with out communication is anarchy.

  • Caleb Bellingham

    Lol u just rosted him

  • Caleb Bellingham

    Lol. That’s how I feel

  • Caleb Bellingham

    Hey WR if u need any ideas just email me at I have tons of ideas

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    There are many many players that pays in this game. You aren’t a die hard fan so you don’t need to come in and discuss anything here. Bye!

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    Yeah true and thanks. But I stop discussing the problem with Double A Battery lol. A low lever player don’t know much yet. I can understand, I use to think all maps was ok with low level robots.

  • Shizzle Deez Nizzle

    Omg? Really? No high level players take Natasha. You can’t even get in a clan using that robot. Now you know he is a funny noob lol

  • driftking 13

    What will the robots cost

  • driftking 13

    I get u to

  • Jasutin Kirisuto

    i hope you add offline mode in the future for those slow internet users

  • Eric Meredith

    I think the point of different maps is to challenge all of my robots..and I choose my robots accordingly. The bad part is people quitting cause u score more on one map but hurts the team u leave.I think there should be penalty for repeat quitters. I understand the want to stack ur robots one way but kinda defeats the purpose of the game. My 2 cents

  • Eric Meredith

    Also I’m wondering if the new robots speed will affect the main advantage of my stalker robots …just hope the new stuff doesn’t mess up old stuff. See yal on the field

  • Jonathan

    Hey! I agree with him


  • Jonathan

  • Liquid

    Look here dude your logic is retarded. There’s not many people that go around with 6 squad members everyone doesn’t have the patients to do that. You want to bring in a 10% scenario over something that can fix 90% of the problems everyone is complaining about. That’s why I strongly dislike when people like you talk. It sound like you are being payed to say stupid stuff, present distracting propaganda for the company. To realize that you a literaly making no sense, the odds of a 6man squad is very low and as long as there’s even 5 members you can replace all 5 members, not to mention the likelyhood of EVERYONE quitting on a squad is even if they did. If 1 person lasted a few seconds, they could replace the entire squad in less then a few seconds. With people coming in 1 at a time, 1 after the other. The entire dribble you just mentioned contradicts, and makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Tim Coggins

    Haven’t seen the youtube of this but am aware of what you are talking about…(“spawn on the hill” on power plant). The opposing team has to cover about 1/3 the amount of territory to protect 3 beacons as the “spawn on the hill” squad has. On top of that one of the 3 that is closest to the “spawn on the hill” squad is within 500m of the other squads spawn. Quite honestly, I would like to see both spawn on the each side of the hill. It would bring all 5 beacons into play and create some quite interesting battles.

  • Tim Coggins

    Uhmmm. the squad that spawns in the valley is the one that has plenty of cover…The one on the hill has yet another disadvantage to overcome. About the only tactic that I have seen work consistently on power plant “spawn on the hill” is to attach the opponents spawn and kill quickly.

  • Double A Frank

    That’s the point. You employ different tactics.

  • Liquid

    They are not screwing it up for 11 other players. You are highly exaggerating things, it only screws over the team you’re on. That’s 5, not 11.. it screws over the opposite team.

  • Liquid

    Exactly I agree you said it perfectly.

  • Tim Coggins

    Yes you certainly explained how and why 2v6 battles happen didn’t you. Even Pixonic says in their email responses that it is not always possible to replace players in 30 seconds so I suppose that the mirror is where you will find retarded. You do realize that in order to destroy a squad with full hangers that a bot has to go up every 20 seconds…right? That means that spawning someone in 30 seconds into the battle has put a squad at a pretty big disadvantage. When I am on the other side of this and see a squad spawn in with only 3 I go straight for the throat sometimes within 30 seconds 3 more will spawn in sometimes not, but at any rate it only takes those few seconds sometimes to cripple a squad.

  • Tim Coggins

    Actually the 6 on the opposing squad are also cheated out of a fair battle as well. I have been on both sides of this and would prefer to have a fair battle.

  • Tim Coggins

    Here is a response from War Robots from their facebook page.

    “War Robots… Yes, it is possible to get a player replaced within 30 sec. However, it does not always happen, and hence it was decided that leaving the battle even within 30 sec will be penalized.”

    And yes I have been in random battle and watched a clan squad of 5 quit out on a battle before they could be replaced. No worries there however I am guaranteed to be 1st on the squad and gain ranking points. Their clan however just had someone suffer a 21 point loss.

  • Grim Reaper


  • Rodrigo Brito

    Need to know what currency will be used to but the new weapons from de nexts updates? Will be gold or other?

  • Tim Coggins

    It screws over all 11. 5 are left on one team and the 6 on the other are deprived of a good match. I have been on both sides of these battles and am not thrilled about it when I face a squad that is down a man. Almost always the outcome is decided as soon as it happens. That said on occasion I have been on a squad that wins 5v6 and 4v6 battles. We have even come close a few times on 3v6 battles, but in order for those to be close it requires that the other team is content to camp and not capture beacons.

  • Tim Coggins

    So….perhaps you can explain the tactics that use on the Power Plant map when you spawn on the hill. Personally the only tactic that I have found that works without fail is when the other squad is full of morons that don’t realize that they can hang back and let the time run down. Unless the other squad does something incredibly stupid the game is over as soon as it begins.
    I have been on both sides of the battle on this map and if you spawn on the hill the best chance you have of victory is to attack spawn and it requires that be done as a squad not by just a player or two. Four moving to the beacon that is close to the spawn and two moving to the beacon across from it and converging toward the beacon that the other four are going for. It requires a complete team effort to overcome the disadvantage presented and it is rare that with a squad of randoms that you will get that team effort. Now that said when I squad with clan members and we have a complete clan squad together we have been pretty successful at doing this and usually wind up holding 4 beacons for an extended period of time.
    When you spawn down below the best tactic is to hang down below behind the building of the 3rd beacon (the one closest to the enemy spawn) and wait for them to try and come take it. From that position you can cover all 3 beacons.

  • Tim Coggins

    I have to say I believe that what was being talked about was the balance of the “map” not the balance of the “players”. The human mind has nothing to do with whether or not the map is balanced.

  • Tim Coggins

    Now that said…I agree completely with your original post. Leavers should suffer consequences and those consequences should be pretty severe. I play every map and employee every tactic I can to win the battle. My hanger is fairly balanced. The two bots on the left are for long maps and the two on the right are for short maps. The center bot is an all purpose Leo that performs fairly well on either long or short maps. I usually start every battle with that center bot and depending on what I see from the opposition determine from there what bot to go with next.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    Fair dues, but to start insulting people instead of inquiring as to the reason behind a given answer shows a tendency to a closed, impoverished mind.

    Perhaps if people would open their minds more and ask for a reason then knowledge would be shared and debated, not argued and resort to insults!

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    Update and beware.

    Tankers have found a new way around the leavers queue!

    They start a game, do some damage then leave.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    I forgot to answer your question about unbalanced maps.

    It can be any number of reasons:
    1) Poor test play
    2) To make you spend more for repairs (not applicable to this game)
    3) To ensure that no-one attains a “perfect” win-lose ratio
    4) My personal favourite, to actually add excitement and skill to the game. Nothing feels better than winning on a map where you start at the disadvantage.

    Now, please, enlighten us o great one!

  • Double A Frank

    In general, use the central structure as cover and alternate assaults on the beacons bracketing it on the left and right. When you go for the right beacon, you need someone to rush the beacon on the bottom. You want to force them to sacrifice a bot to recapturing that beacon with limited access points. Hopefully with a numerical advantage because of the occupied bot, you can hold the two beacons for more time and potentially follow through with a spawn assault as you describe.

    That’s what I have seen that works.

  • Jonathan

    Don’t know☺

  • Jonathan

    What is your pilot name and what device do you play on.


  • Jonathan

    Not that I don’t agree with you on having map selection. But you don’t know how to adapt to all maps.

  • Jonathan

    What is your war robots user name and what level are you?

  • Jonathan

    What is your email

  • Jonathan

    I don’t pay to win!

  • Jonathan

    What is your pilot name and what is your email address

  • Jonathan

    What is your email address and pilot name

  • Jonathan

    My email is and my pilot name is jeg.cake

  • Jonathan

    My pilot name is jeg.cake and my email address is

  • Double A Frank

    Pilot Rodddxl.

  • Jonathan

    What are you ranked for this season

  • Jonathan

    Shut up your the noob you quit when things get hard and don’t have robots for all maps you don’t get the point of the game. The point of the game is that they teach you to adapt.

  • Jonathan

    what is your pilot name and email

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison
  • Jonathan

    What are you ranked for the season?

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison
  • madrid

    Completely agree

  • NemesisMB

    “Zeus damage bug fix is set for June update.” A BIG FAIL.

  • Samsung Tab 3

    Will be there a “4th of July” or a summer event ?

  • dialogic

    Exactly. F the pusses who demand being able to pick their own maps. So then when a non-clan player plays on “your” map he has no chance because you’ve all max/min’d yourselves to fit a certain map like a glove?

    Imagine that… jump into a big map and there are 6 fury trebs just waiting there to skewer whoever jumps into their spider web. The real question is “what kind of a loser would enjoy dominating with little loss of losing game after game? I suspect the same type of person who fries ants with a magnifier — not once to have that “aha!” moment, but over and over and over again.

  • dialogic

    If you pay money for top bots/weapons, forget noob or not noob — you are a puss.

  • Jacob Hojonski

    i wish it was 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 or 6v6 or 10v10

  • Cliff Young

    Map jumpin whiny babies. Yeesh. I run an RDB griff a DB Griff and 2 Plasma Gareth and do pretty well on all maps. Sure its not optimal, and I don’t give a crap about running at the top level of this game. Played various games in world ranked guilds but I am old now and tired and not willing to put in the kind of time it takes to perform at that level anymore. So have fun yall, kill you later.

  • Agent Afterburn

    i might come out as rude to you but what do you think you would do if you had a trebutchet natasha or fury that you just finished upgrading and then the things you have left are carnage trident and a tulumbas fujin and the map you get dropped into is the moon base. Well as far as i know i would be BONED because the trebs are useless on that map two the tridents again are not meant for close range they are mid range so again BONED the only viable bot here is the fujin which again will get wrecked because it stationary and therefore is a sitting duck for any bot with thunder because that shield isnt gonna hold up. just remember you can express you opinion however much as you wish but slapping it onto other people that dont agree doesnt make you better than them neither does it make your point valid to others. thank you very much.

  • Agent Afterburn

    nice PROS you were going against dang natasha they are worthless i only use it as a placeholder for my carnage trident that i am saving up to buy and fujin isnt pro its CRAP. just so you know i dont care how you decide to play some people may be good with certain bots so you do you booboo

  • Agent Afterburn

    you sir have successfully started a shitstorm. well played

  • Agent Afterburn

    personally just give squads the option to choose maps because well clans or friends who have discussed strategies for specific maps should get that priority and players who play alone don’t need it because well its a 50-50 chance of having a good time because dumbass team mates with no communication or teamates that understand gestures for ” come with me” or “im following you” or ” help, im dying” and by gestures i mean like when a team mate fires a single separate rocket at you or a magnum at you it means “hey your build can be paired with mine lets stick together” what i’m trying to say is a deathbutton griffin (tulumbas-orkan with pinata-pin) should pair up with a plasma griffin because bam almost 50%hp gone and you get ripped apart or vice versa and carnage with any other robots that have shield or high tanking potential because a rhino tanks all incoming bullet or non aoe damage and any aoe damage can be taken by carnage shield and when the enemy is least expecting boom the duel thunder hits along with two orkans or tulumbas perfect combo because the carnage isnt a tough bot its high potency low durability which mean hits like a truck but dies out too quickly while the rhino is a tank ( apart from when trident or any aoe weapons hit) and deals low damage unless you trade it off for a short moment of possible high damage, they work together because well… the rhino tanks and when close enough the carnage attacks and when the enemy is distracted the rhino unleashes a death button attack BOOM 50% hp gone and you got two building sized shotgun pounding on your bot EASY isn’t it? well yes if your team mates aren’t jerks and actually intend to play as a team instead of lone wolfing it getting shot up sky high. Dang i wrote a lot my teachers would be happy if i wrote an essay this long XD

  • Agent Afterburn

    i should have considered joining the article writing thing but google accounts are whack for me so meh.

  • Petrick Oliveira de Araujo

    Hi! Sorry, my English is rusty. I think the 2x damage in physical shields is so much, maybe 1.25 or 1.5 is better, or the raijin and others with physical shield against a 4 punisher Griffin will have a duration of a energy shield, and physical shield will star to be obsolete

  • SK

    Good new maps, weapons, bots and game plays are welcome but ……………..
    No matter how you create it, don’t make system to make us look stupid and dumb as it always creates something that are shocking to us in the gameplay. I don’t remember how many times that I have encountered diamond and gold team played against 5 champions (squad) that made us so dumb and fool. All champions come out with Lancelots and furys. What is this man?

  • SK

    Until now, Pixonic ignores some facts, e.g. Why the Tarans of Gareth can destroy the Lancelots shield while Tarans of Lancelots can’t even destroy the Gareth shield even at close range and at level 11? There is a lot ambiguity in the gameplay. Is it manupiled for advantage for some players? Again, there are a lots of areas that bots stumbles on even flat surfaces, yet Pixonic is not looking into it.

  • House Brierwood

    I think it should take silver or even gold away from them or maybe have a penalty that doesn’t alow them to aquire silver, gold, or xp in the consecutive battle after the one they leave. People need to stop running a hanger of long range Natashas it’s really annoying to jump in a battle and be with 4 Natasha or fury and you have to beacon run constantly in your brawler bots.

  • Chief MacD

    BAHHHH HAHAHA! I KNOW!!! And worse YET… someone’s mommy actually thought that Snoop Dog was a brilliant name?!?!

  • Tim Coggins

    Wow…yet again someone who has no idea what they are talking about. A player is not always replaced by another player and never “instantly” replaced…never. You need to start talking about something that you know something about. Sewer systems would probably be a good place to start.

  • David G. Hdez

    Imho, it’s fine introducing new robots And weapons, even fixing bugs, but not changing existing weapons And robots, since every player mix reflects their Game strategy, And these changes affect them heavily, And since Deep changes imply a lot of silver, gold And time, is discourging for many players and leaves you in the brink of abandoning the Game because you feel you are back to square one
    Please, consider that.
    Regates, DG.

  • Annish

    Hello, can i suggest that you add in game chats so that while playing with random people some kind of strategy can be formulated and make the game more coop then solo play

  • Scene Smith

    Pretty sure with the part of being able to 1v1-6v6 clan matchs you would have the option to choose your own map.

  • Scene Smith

    Well July is over and still nothing new….

  • Steve Whitney

    The new UI is HORRIBLE! You can’t tell what the F is going on. There are so many rectangles and cursors moving all over the place. It’s a CONFUSING NIGHTMARE. Good idea, just change it for the sake of changing it. The same morons that worked on the match making have moved over to ruin the UI.

  • Steve Whitney

    Great idea, increase the size of the weapon buttons to be 1/4 of the screen. WHY? Also, make the name labels have a VERY DARK shadow, so now the focus is the names all over the screen. WHY? I’m not aiming at the f’kng name. Use flat, ugly little people icons instead of robots. WHY? Plaster a WIDE ASSED aiming icon RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TARGET ROBOT so you can’t see what you’re aiming at. WHY? WHY ? WHY?
    Garbage. Who the F approved of this trash? Should be fired immediately.

  • Chief MacD

    It isn’t a matter of noobs being noobs. Some of us have been playing a mighty long time, just like you. We, too, have spent money ( LOTS, TOO MUCH, of it…) upgrading and building robots. However, I believe MOST folks (not just “noobs”), have built hangers to accomodate ALL maps, because of the fact that the game IS, and always HAS BEEN, a gamble as to which maps you are placed in. It isn’t as if the option to choose your map was once available, and then they took that away from you AFTER you built your hangers to target your choice of maps. Therefore, you have always known that map selection is random, yet you spent your hard earned cash to benefit you on a very select, few maps. At this point, it is perfectly within your right to build WHATEVER hangar you are happy, most comfortable with. It directly affects YOU, and that is what (I believe) the developers intended. The problem arises when you jump into a map that YOU don’t like, and you jump right back out, leaving OTHER paying players having to fight a pitched battle at least one ally short! That is when YOUR choices, choices made with prior knowledge that maps are random, very negatively affect others. Others who have made arguably wiser, more adaptable hangar selections. Your choices of bots, weapons selections and upgrades are not in line with the most NON-NOOB of players. See for yourself, old-timer! Look at all of the most successful players who have been playing a long time. Look at the loadouts of THE MOST SUCCESSFUL players in the game, and they have hangars to allow them to blow away ANY map thrown their way! More could be said to counter the position you’ve taken, but if you don’t see the point by now, nothing more could be said to educate you. Simply put, you complain VERY forcefully about the lack of selections to make YOU happy, because it affects you badly, yet you admit, seemingly PROUDLY, that you screw over many, MANY players on a daily basis because your pee-pee hurts when you don’t get what YOU want. You made your point to the developers, now join the rest of us grownups, AND the “noobs”, and wait for changes to be made, or quit the game. Whichever one that best suits YOU (as it is evident YOU are only concerned about YOU), but for heaven’s sake, please stop screwing over a whole crapload of people on a daily basis because you are throwing a fit…

  • Chief MacD

    NIIIIICE!!! I have never had the pleasure of seeing them live. Those HAD to be incredible shows to see first hand!!! I’m envious!

  • Tylan Holmes

    They say the scourge is coming in July? Haven’t seen it yet.