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This week in community. MM round table, prototype robots gameplay and more

Check out the last issue, if you missed it:

This week in community. 21.04.17


Community round table

This was arguably the most discussed thing of past 7 days. If you weren’t following the events, here’s the brief summary:

We invited 17 members of War Robots community for 2 hour long discussion on the current state of Leagues specifically and matchmaking in general. About half of these people were invited directly, some came from public voting on fan forums and rest was picked by us from applicants in the open form on Gepard Diary — not randomly, but based on key interests they stated in their applications.

If you are interested, you can listen the recording of a call here. We didn’t intend the round table to be recorded or streamed, so keep in mind that it’s not that entertaining of a show. Our goal there was to listen and process, not to talk. Talking — and acting — will commence later.

By now we discussed everything within the development team and got a better idea on where to go next. The changes are not to be implemented swiftly — most topics we touched upon are about long term changes than anything else.

Next week we will present a follow-up article detailing what we’ve got out of the meeting and what our next steps are. Stay tuned.


First of all, 3rd Anniversary event

Today we started the thing.

As someone once said “Show, don’t tell” (people suggest that was Chekhov). So here’s the video.


Moon map: 3 opening moves

More writings on War Robots!

This article suggest three general openings there. In short: go to the closest beacon for an easy capture, go to the center for a quick skirmish or use your Griffins to fly over the maze wall and intercept the opponents who picked the first option. There is slightly more to that though.

Read the article


Light robots in Champion league?

Adrian Chong went into champion league match with a full Light Robot hangar. And for what? Not for fame, not for appreciation, but for some lousy light robot restricted dailies. Here’s a hero we need.


Prototype mayhem: OP in a nutshell

And here’s a random Stew Pendous’ stream featuring robot prototypes from test server. Note: these are work-in-progress and not to be released for at least a month. Everything is a subject to change.

We intend to try a lot of things as we’re testing them, so don’t freak out if they seem a bit broken. They are — and that’s kinda the point! We allow ourselves to go crazy as they are going through the testing to find and pinpoint the most exciting part of their gameplay. Once it’s done, we’ll trim some of their power down to put these robots into balance.

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  • Tmoney Shot

    What I don’t understand is since Pixonic does all this data on win rates and spawn locations and the like why don’t they look at win data with certain bot types. If you look at Champion league players, you will see they all have one thing in common- 3-5 Lancelots. So just by simply looking at players hangers it’s painfully obvious that this bot is op. If there was more balance in the game then players in Champion (because those are the players that spend the most time and/or money on the game) would have diverse hangers. But when one particular bot dominates like 80% of Champion players hangers then it should be apparent that that bot is the contributing factor to their win rates and high stats.
    For me, when you constantly face the same bot over and over the game becomes very dull and boring. I am so tired of going against Lancelot and Ancilots. I don’t understand how players have fun just using the same 2 or 3 bots for months at a time. I get bored with my hanger after a few weeks and constantly change it up and I own no duplicates. The game used to be a lot more diverse but the Ancilot has ruined that.
    Yes, there is a little bit of deviation in Champion hangers but its predominantly Lancelot followed by Griffin and Galahad and Gareth with a few Fury. How dull…

  • Just the Tip

    Something will always be overpowered. Rhinos then Gepards then Trident Furys now Ancile Lancelot. Tomorrow it may be a Dash bot. Try not to get your panties in a knot about it.

  • Tmoney Shot

    Both Rhino and Trident Furys were never nerfed. Rhino was made less op by buffing other bots/weapons and introducing new bots. Trident Fury aren’t as prevalent anymore because Ancilot has taken over. And there has been no change to Gepards so I don’t know what you are talking about. If you meant to say Aphids they were actually never buffed, they fixed a longtime error in their accuracy. Once they made the correction it was apparent that it was too accurate (i.e. too dominant) so they made the nerf.
    So not only does your comment not say anything meaningful, it’s actually inaccurate as well. Based on your last line it sounds like you are one of those players that just runs what ever is op and you probably have 3 Ancilots in your hanger.
    Either way, try not to be an ass next time.