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This week in community. 21.04.17

From now on we will be covering the best content from War Robots community here. Write-ups, discussions, videos and all the other creative endeavors that might be too interesting to ignore — every Friday, at this exact place.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Headline picture by Donald Wu (War Robots Visionaries Design Contest)

War Robots Visionaries: Design Contest

Folks from Facebook fan group War Robots Visionaries, that strives to gather all the creative people around, just wrapped up their contest of robot designs. Although, these won’t make it into game any time soon (or will they?), be sure check them out. These guys got some legitimately good stuff there, both visuals and idea-wise

Check it!

Gepard Diary. By the Numbers: Striking Gold

Dredd77 once again came up with a great piece of practical theorycrafting (now when I think of it, is that a thing?). He meticulously gathers all the data from games he takes part in to build a bigger picture of what’s going on in certain Leagues and divisions. It’s an interesting read, especially if you’re into stats.

Read the article

What to watch?

Now it’s time for a mandatory bunch of community videos. Starting with Stew Pendous’ formidable Gollum voice impression. Because he’s playing Golem… get it?

Are you not playing with voice comms yet? Use Discord or anything along those lines and have fun like these people do!

Reddit discussions

Ancile Leo — why it’s better that Ancilot?

Beginning with a nice piece on Ancile Leo. It’s good. Sometimes it’s VERY good actually. This thread by /u/MarvinLaze gave a spark to an interesting discussion, so be sure to check comments too.

Why I Like My Magnum/Ancile Leo Better Than The Ancilot from walkingwarrobots

Zenit and Noricum are good… in some cases

Okay, let’s get it straight: Zenit and Noricum in their current state aren’t the weapons you should pick to bring the most to your team’s success. And these are surely not the weapons you should bring to a knife fight unless you’re gonna practice that sweet and spicy Noricum karate (it’s a thing, check this out if you still haven’t, and be careful when trying to replicate it because success is not guaranteed, as Adrian Chong recently prove).

But Zenits and Noricums still have their moments.  And and this post /u/Weizarred plays the role of devil’s advocate and explains where they actually excel.

In Defense of Zenits and Noricums from walkingwarrobots

Chest bumping with Griffins… wait, what?

Lastly, let’s wrap up our first community digest with something more wacky.

Griffin Challenge: Execute a Chest Bump with a Friend or Enemy. from walkingwarrobots

Wanna try it? (Please don’t)


That’s it for this week. If you spot something good or want to share something, send it to — we’ll consider adding it to our next digest!

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  • Eric

    Tofsla is harvesting awesome player dialogue. We love having you as a regular in our Reddit thread. Kudos and thanks!

  • Jay

    Well done! This will be a must-read going forward.

  • Neil “Iron Fiend” Addison

    I agree about zenith/noricum but you neglected to mention one thing, which bot to use. I have a Natasha set up like this (in my stable, not garage but is still upgraded like the boys in my garage). I have destroyed shields with this combo but very little damage caused. I tend to use it as a first bot though to discourage reds from grouping together and hitting team mates in multiples of red.