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War Robots 2.8 Update Notes. Sling me to the Moon

Good news, everyone: we’re going to space! The first off-the-Earth map is finally here.

Update 2.8 seems relatively small in terms of change list length, but almost every point here brings a significant impact. Aside of the new battleground (a giant leap for mankind!) this patch includes a new Rogatka, new look for Shutze and new in-game event — which we’ll tell you more about closer to its start.

War Robots Anniversary event

Anniversary event starts on April 28th. More details to come on April 22nd

New map: Moon

Moon is added to map rotation

This battleground is made for quick brawls on close to medium distance. In many regards Moon is similar to Dead City. There are places to utilize long range weapons, but not many. It is more or less symmetrical but has a rather intricate basic structure. Jumpy robots should also feel great here: there are many covers that you can go over on the Moon.

Oh, and speaking of jumpy robots.

Rogatka update

We gave Rogatka a new look and significantly better stats

Faster. Movement speed: 48 → 60

Stronger. Durability: 135K → 150K

Higher. Jump cooldown 10 sec → 7 sec

And so much nicer. Rogatka received a new model

Rogatka was out of spotlight for quite some time. With much stronger alternatives arriving (and also Griffin doing same things much more efficiently), once relatively strong Rogatka went from “alright-but-nothing-spectacular” category to “yeah-it’s-fun-jumping-around-but-what’s-next”. 

In 2.8 we’re giving Rogatka a significant stat boost to help it perform in the current ecosystem. We wanted to reinforce this robot’s role as a more nimble alternative to Griffin: it bears significantly less firepower, but offsets this with maneuverability which is hard to surpass. Unlike Griffin, whenever Rogatka engages in a fight it’ll rarely be the one-way ticket. Jump into the fray — cause some mayhem — jump out of the fray.

And while we’re at it, make sure to check out our article on Rogatka’s new look:

We rebuilt Rogatka. Here’s how

Shutze visual update

This little guy will never be the same

More sharp angles: Shutze received a new model for all its troubles


New skins

Anarchy Rogatka, Emerald Griffin, Koi Leo, Kirin Vityaz a-a-and Parade Destrier

Performance and bug fixes

– [Optimization] Improved performance on several maps

– [Matchmaking] Rating sum for squads is calculated correctly now

– [Bug] Wind-up animation of Molot and Punisher properly reflects the fire rate increase

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  • Jacob Hojonski

    where are the hevy molts that are supposed to be in 2.8? when will you add doc, jesse, and butch?

  • Fadhli Rahim

    The moon ahould take into account gravity . Makes heavy robots lighter and much more fun to use

  • Dominic Squillace

    Can’t connect to any battles since updating.

  • Momo Alq


    But they did not offer there new improved JESSE,DOC and BUTCH This year 💔 !!!

  • Dale Granberry

    Rogatka still shows 135k durability for me☹️

  • Tang David

    The Moon map is nothing insteresting. There is no skill at all. You can just use Spiral or Alphid to stand there instead using long distance weapon. This insults guru and slow walking heavy Robot such as Rhino. Als, if not a jumping robot, how to move and play in Moon map with many steps and barriers. So. walk till death. Recent updates do not make sense at all such as Molot and Punisher damage rate increase in last update. Just standing and you can kill any slow robots walking to you. I do not think the developer team knows this game. Lesser and lesser players cause longer matching time. This is the result. Pls review the new things not helping the game and players at all !

  • Ash Wiggle

    Bitch Please

  • Jessie Andrews

    They done this were u can’t use ur long range wepions because of all the campers who do fuck all so it’s giving u more of a chance to fight

  • Andrew Kissner

    I would like to see a damage status bar for friendly robots just like we see on enemy robots. Some type of chat feature would be good. Even just preprogrammed responses like; beacons! Flank right! Flank left, etc. Matchmaking needs to be fixed. I am in gold and fighting elite robots and players.

  • Ifruit Destiny

    Where the new weapons beacause I have the test servers and there needs to be more robots or weapons beacause we already know all weapons

  • Tang David

    We have no chance to fight due to the missiles, too

  • Bob Coutu

    How do I update game?

  • Jon Bunch

    A map for 12 year olds. Really?

  • Jon Bunch

    For the ones that cry about that campers, backpackers…..get some skill. Use cover, up grade, and think before you act.

  • Jon Bunch

    War is heavy ,meadim ,and light…,what would you do if you could only choose two bots , or one? The game is close to chrome hounds , love the game.

  • patel rahul

    Rhino movement (left/right) is very tuff for me

  • Robin Wall

    Wicked idea

  • Robin Wall

    Wish you guys would consider a medic bot that could heal specific amounts of HP to teammates. Perhaps even a med
    Kit that takes up a hard point

  • Robin Wall

    Got them all. You’re not missing much. They need to get the switching fine tuned before putting those in the store

  • D Bell

    Destruction mood . Count down.. before you take last hit…blow up yourself..up…… Spawn to other Robot.

  • D Bell

    I am lumbeenight….

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  • Anthony Papadopoulos

    when re-spawning – think about spawning closer to battle action – re-spawning at your own camp takes too much time to get back into battle with medium to heavy robots – sometimes by time get back to battle – the battle is over – either that or increase the speed of the robots

  • Charlie

    I literally just commented on the speed over on their FB page. I like the forward spawn. Another option I was thinking of yesterday would be to make the beacons teleport to the other Beacons.

  • Charlie

    Right? Hunting snipers is one of the better aspects. As he said above. Look for cover, use it, try to time your dash with reload times, it wait for them to get bored and find a new target. Then dash. That is unless your goal is to get them to fire on you so others can advance. Then peekaboo will keep them busy if you keep needling them for attention.

  • Charlie

    Nonsense. The game just got more lively, and matches are going faster. So far so good.

  • Charlie

    Can already do this. Hit menu, and select a new bot. If you don’t like the bot you are in, you can destroy, but a better option imo is use your remaining HP to block for a teammate.

  • Charlie

    Think in long arcs. When the shield is up, you can only make long sweeping turns. Like steering a big truck. Gotta anticipate, and start your turn earlier. Or drop your shipped, pivot, and raise it again.

    My biggest beef with the rhino was that I can’t walk straight back kwards in it with the shield up. No way to go but forwards into the fray without dropping shield and getting hammered if you get in a rough spot. Should be able to back straight up imo, even if it is at reduced speed. It’s the only factor that keeps me from playing it regularly. I like to be able to backup, and shoot. To each their own I guess. Lots of other bots to work with.

  • Charlie

    Completely different game style. Not all maps are sniper maps. The moon is an active map for knife fighters with short range fast bots. All of you snipers don’t really hear us crying about you having the advantage on a sniper map do ya?

  • Charlie

    Learn how to use the cover of buildings, cliffs, walls, etc to avoid rocket fire. Stand in the open, and you are toast.

  • Minique Morris

    Players are destroying robots to deny u a kill… that needs fixing… also. Y not allow us to select the robots after seeing the terrain… decide wat 3 or 4 robots to use on this map vs that map??? That will make better use of robots.. some robots are never selected due to this

  • Robert Chinwuba Emeka

    Yea very good point Andrew, chat future will be fantastic for groups to be able to communicate while mounting an ambush against the enemies

  • Michael Lemieux

    Those are killa ideas especially no doubt u need team work in the higher leagues especially hope they go for those ideas that be nice

  • Divyansh Verma

    Many a times I do the maximum damage to a robot and when it’s health is near to zero some other player destroys it. This gives him a kill and not me.
    According to me the player doing maximum amount of damage to a robot should get the kill count not the one who shoots the last bullet.

  • Matthew Pottenger

    I always wanted a melee robot of some kind. Heavy armor and a charge attribite for a battering ram with a light gun or two or a light nimble robot with a heavy duty melee weapon with the jump.

  • Matthew Pottenger

    I would like to choose the robots to use when i know the map and can adjust accordingly.

  • Mehmet Taş

    so cool

  • Denny Trenary

    Maybe this game is simply not your”thang”. Just sayin…

  • Krumiro

    Cree Camera Rotation!!!! For God’s sake!!!!!!