Poll results breakdown: the future of teamwork

“What would help you to be a better team player?”

We threw in this question to our social media pages last week. We didn’t do this just for fun, of course. War Robots player base has always been split between those who prefer to play solo and those playing in squads with friends and clanmates. We strive to make the game fun for both groups, and this time we ran a poll focusing on the latter.

First of all, we’re really grateful for your participation.

Now it’s time for results breakdown that some of you requested.

“In-game communications and team UI” (more than half of votes)

There are two options which acquired an overwhelming lead. 28.3% of votes went to in-game communications (chat, instant commands, pings and such) and slightly less, 25.7% to team-related info like allied robots HP bars. That’s fair enough: for a team-oriented game War Robots doesn’t often provide you with enough means to quickly coordinate efforts with your fellows.

We actually planned to make in-game communication our next big usability addition, and the poll did a good job in reinforcing our plans. We won’t give you exact timeframes of when the feature will be delivered — we prefer to give promises when we have something solid to show and currently there are already lots of significant features on our roadmap (custom matches is a good example). But from now on we can say for sure: better in-game comms WILL arrive at some point in the future. Maybe even faster than you expect.

Better rewards for supporting my team” (16.8%)

This option is third in terms of popularity. That we expected too. Right now War Robots rewards for dealing damage more than for anything else, although there are many other ways to contribute to the victory, like capturing beacons or soaking up damage for your less tanky allies. It makes a lot of sense to factor them in reward calculation as well, and currently we’re looking for the way to make it happen without disrupting the gameplay. 

More equipment for supportive playstyles” (11.6%)

Then we have this. Adding support guns and robots is definitely not out of the question, although we won’t say they are coming without enough preparation. These will shift metagame dramatically, but we are eager to experiment with it. Expect any kind of crazy stuff to surface on the test server first.

More ways to form a squad” (9.1%)

This is directly linked to the clan system overhaul we’re planning for this year. There are some cool things we’d like to try, but overall they are all very early in development. Keep that in mind.  

Deeper tutorial and strategy tips” (4.95%)

This option is second to last in votes, and this makes sense too. Not having a clear understanding of a concept of, say, beacons surely contributes to a messy teamplay but it’s far from being its main cause, as poll results suggest.

Screw teamwork, I’m here to fight!” (3.63%)

To everyone sticking with this one — we understand. We all have some John Rambo in us, and we have to respect this guy and give him some air from time to time. We all saw what can happen if you don’t give him some air.


All in all, with your help we came to some very important conclusions. Thanks again for participating in the poll — and come back again!

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  • heavyweight

    Sounds great! one thing did not stand out tho
    has anyone given some thought on separating paying players and non paying players. Let me explain.
    A paying player that put in $200+ in his hanger has pretty much all the hard hitting weapons (GOLD) and bots maxed out
    making it very difficult for players that actually earned their weapons with tons of patience
    so making fights with players that earned it against other players that earned it and paying players with paying players, should not be very hard to do.

  • El Trujos

    All are wrong!! That will not make you a better team player.
    The only one thing will you make a better team player is
    that you MUST to thing to help other of your teammates to destroy one enemy. Even when you have not a good robot o not to much HP.
    Don’t thing: I go alone for this enemy, you make what you want.

  • Knight Errant

    I would add these ideas to the discussion:
    A) Pre-match communication.
    Select if you want to join a match with this or without this.
    If you do, your match will feature this system:
    • Bots drop in, teams fill.
    • Once teams are full and you know where you are, you have 60 seconds to send up to three text messages.
    ▪ you may use a set of three popups to form a basic sentence.
    These are pre-translated so that all selectable combos send an accurate concept of what was selected.
    ▪choose from whole preset text message groups:
    + standard set of basic info/suggestions.
    Pre-translated for each localization, using one in any language will communicate that text accurately.
    • During that 60 seconds, there is also a whiteboard overlay of the current map visible
    ▪on this, you may make up to three marks and/or arrows.
    • Each player has a color/style for text and whiteboard marks,
    ▪randomly assigned (to your teammates, on your device)
    ▪but *yours* will always be the default color-style you chose in the game settings.
    ▪During that game, your team’s Healthbars/Names will remain those colors.

  • Shakies

    I would like to see a damage breakdown by bot after each round. That way you can identify which bots are consistently doing the most damage or test out new setups and compare to old ones. Zenit noricum natashas will have to face the facts. 😂

  • Nein Gluck
  • David Ladd

    Everybody on the winning team that did at least 100,000 worth of damage should receive gold. Maybe 1st get 6 gold/ 2nd get 4 gold and the rest with 100,000 damage gets 2 gold. — Would be nice to bring back some gold for the losing team.